10 Common Helicopter Tour Questions

10 Common Helicopter Tour Questions

common helicopter tour questions

10 Common Helicopter Tour Questions

Have questions about your coming helicopter tour? We’ve got you covered.

What should you wear?

Wear comfortable clothes. Darker clothes tend to be better for photos, because they reduce the chance of reflections.

Should we take anti-motion sickness pills?

The helicopter rides tend to be comfortable and smooth. However, if you are likely to have motion sickness then there is no harm in taking something before flying.

What is the seating in the helicopter?

The seating in the helicopter depends on which flight you are taking and what helicopter flies that tour. For more information on the different helicopter seating arrangements, visit our website!

Will I see lava?

Although we cant guarantee lava, your chances are really good! There is almost always lava. Our pilots know the area well, and will do their best to take you where you can see lava. You can also call ahead to confirm lava flows or check out our lava update.

How long have you been in business?

Our company has been dedicated to providing the best tropical helicopter tours since 1997. Our pilots and staff are experienced and excited to give you an amazing view of the islands!

Can children fly?

Of course! If your child is over the age of 2 they will have their own seat. If they are under 2, they can sit on your lap for free.

Are your pilots safe to fly with?

Every year our pilots go through training and have to pass an F.A.A. check. We also bring outside professional instructors into our company every year to evaluate and train our pilots in the latest techniques and information. Our pilots know the islands very well; you’re guaranteed a safe flight with lots of views!

Why isn’t there a designated departure time?

To ensure the smoothest flight possible as well as for safety reasons, the departure time is decided once all passenger information is provided to us. We want to make sure that you get the best experience possible!

Can you select to have certain seats?

If you would like to select a specific seat, such as a window seat, you can for an additional charge. ($50.00 per seat on flights departing from Kona and $25.00 per seat on flights departing from Hilo and Oahu) Note: guaranteed window seating is included in the capacity surcharge for passengers over 250 lbs.  Preferred seat selections will guarantee you a window seat and but are subject to weight and balance restrictions.

Whats the best time to fly?

There is no bad time to fly in Hawaii. The time of day you decided to book is totally dependent on preference. For tips on whether you should book your tour in the morning or afternoon refer to our blog post: Hawaii Helicopter Tour:Morning or Afternoon?

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