4 Best Ways To See North Shore Oahu

4 Best Ways To See North Shore Oahu

best ways to see north shore oahu

The best ways to see North Shore Oahu include a stroll on the beach and a helicopter tour over the famously stunning shoreline. Check out the full list of must-see spots below to get the most spectacular views and experiences on your next Hawaiian vacation!

4 Best Ways To See North Shore Oahu

The Oahu Island Adventure Helicopter Tour

SAVE $39 per seat and experience stunning aerial views of Oahu. Are you driving to or staying on Oahu’s fabled North Shore? Then take an hour to experience the Oahu Island Adventure that takes you above the waves of the North Shore, the sights of Pearl Harbor, the landmark of Lē‘ahi (Diamond Head), the beauty of Kaliuwa‘a (Sacred Falls), and more! Book now for your double-digit discount!

From Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is a prime location for whale watching and is also home to one of Oahu’s most secluded beaches. The shore spans about five miles and oftentimes has no footprints from previous visitors.

This is one of the best ways to see North Shore Oahu, because from Turtle Bay Resort, you can take a horseback ride or a surfing lesson to get some different angles of the beautiful shoreline. You can even opt for a horse-drawn carriage ride! The North Shore of Oahu is a world-famous for its surf spots, so you’ll be able to brag to your friends back home about your surfing escapades and the stunning scenery there.

There’s even a helipad located right on the Turtle Bay Resort property, where Tropical Helicopters offers tours of Oahu.

You’ll never feel crowded while at Turtle Bay, and just west of that lies Kawela Bay, ideal for swimming. It also offers a lovely, coconut-lined, crescent-shaped beach perfect for strolling.

From A Bus

There are some excellent bus tours you can take that offer some of the best ways to see North Shore Oahu. A top-rated tour on TripAdvisor? The Surf Bus. Not only will you learn about Hawaii’s history, landscape and other stories along the way, but your tour guide might point out certain species of trees, animals and more—as one online reviewer pointed out. Enjoy a wealth of knowledge as well as a wealth of Hawaiian scenery!

From Galleries & Shops Along The Coast

While the North Shore may be more famous for its jumbo-size surfing waves, it’s garnering a reputation for its art galleries and shops. The boutiques will reveal find handcrafted jewelry, original watercolor paintings, natural soaps and lotions, locally made fashions and more. You might consider stopping by Global Creations & Interiors, Guava Shop as well as Haleiwa Art Gallery.

What are the best ways to see North Shore Oahu in your opinion? Let us know!

Are you looking for the best ways to see North Shore Oahu on your next tropical vacation? Use this guide to help you!

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