5 Best Hawaii Proposal Ideas (Including Helicopter Proposals)

5 Best Hawaii Proposal Ideas (Including Helicopter Proposals)

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(Originally posted 11/2/2016, Updated 1/23/2020)

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If you’re looking to ask your partner the big question on your Hawaiian trip, then you need some creative Hawaii proposal ideas!

With so much to do across the Hawaiian islands, there are plenty of unique ways to let your partner know just how much they mean to you. From stunning views to unforgettable experiences, each is just waiting to become the right magical backdrop for your proposal!

So, before you embark on one of the most important journeys in your life, check out these Hawaii proposal ideas and inspiration we’ve put together below.

Top 7 Best Hawaii Proposal Ideas & Inspiration

1. Helicopter Proposal

helicopter hawaii proposal ideasHow many people have you met have gotten engaged from a helicopter over Hawaiian scenery? Our guess is not too many. This is not only one of the best Hawaii proposal ideas out there, but it’s also the most creative.

And it doesn’t have to be pricey! You’ve already bought the ring, and the trip to Hawaii—so, SAVE on a helicopter tour through Tropical Helicopters. Sometimes you pay far too much to set up a romantic proposal (see: Beach Proposal), and why would you pay full price for a helicopter tour when you can take a discounted tour with the same romantic atmosphere?

Tropical Helicopters is your go-to proposal avenue! They offer various tours in both Oahu and Hawaii Island.

2. Beach Proposal

seaside hawaii proposalThe beautiful Hawaiian beaches are a classic spot for two lovebirds to get engaged—as well as a good place to later tie the knot! There are excellent beaches all over the Aloha State, but a private beach might be a pleasant surprise as well.

You can even pay The Heart Bandits to set up a proposal spot ahead of time. You and your significant other will stumble upon a romantic picnic spot complete with champagne, rose petals, and the whole works. Don’t forget to hire a discreet photographer or videographer to capture the proposal!

3. Volcano Proposal

volcano proposalIf you want a really steamy setting for your proposal, then consider a trip to the Hawaiian lava beds.

Nothing says “I LAVA You” like getting down on one knee near the Hawaiian lava beds!

Hawaii has plenty of active volcanoes for you to explore! There’s the Lava Beds National Monument or various hikes you can take to lava flows.

You can also take a Doors-Off Over The Volcano helicopter tour to feel the heat (and the love!) during your personalized volcano-helicopter proposal!

For inspiration, there have been some pretty amazing lava proposals in Hawaii before! In fact, a couple shared their magical proposal moment at the island of Maui’s Lava Fields in Kihei.

4. Sunset Proposal

hawaiian sunset proposalAnother classic and common Hawaiian proposal idea is finding an excellent perch to watch the sunset.

In the Aloha State, there are countless places where you and your partner can catch a beautiful Hawaiian sunset!

If you’re a fan of hearing the waves and watching the sun disappear over the horizon, then a Hawaiian beach might be your destination.

This could be Kaanapali Beach in Maui, Poipu in Kauai, or even Waikiki on Oahu!

Or, you can explore one of Hawaii’s many natural landmarks to find the perfect sunset proposal spot.

In fact, you can take some inspiration from one couple who trekked to the top of Haleakalā just in time to see the setting sun. With the setting sun as his backdrop, the boyfriend then decided to propose. Talk about some perfect timing!

5. Sailboat Proposal

boat proposalA great spot for a boat proposal is on the Kailua-Kona Coast on the Big Island. As mentioned previously, this seaside town truly offers a top spot to view the sunset. This historic fishing village is now a prime area for shopping, restaurants, and romantic getaways.

You might consider visiting the Hulihee Palace and Mokuaikaua Church to learn about King Kamehameha I. (Both are located on Alii Drive.) Later, head to Kailua Pier to catch the stunning sunset. You can also take a sunset cruise here to top off the evening.

The Kailua-Kona Coast is known for coffee production, and the coast is perfect for snorkeling, fishing, and stopping at restaurants along the water. This charming, quiet town is an excellent place to take a romantic stroll through historic structures—making it one of the best Hawaii proposal ideas.

6. Horseback Proposal

horseback proposalThanks to the sprawling natural landscape that the Hawaiian islands offer, there are plenty of adventures to be had—such as horseback riding!

So, if you and your partner are horse lovers, or want to see Hawaii in a new way, a horseback riding tour is the way to go.

Plus, you can even enjoy a private tour with just the two of you and your guide.

For example, if you’re relaxing on the Big Island, give Paniolo Adventures’ Horseback Riding a try!

With five special tours, plus a personalized private pony ride, you have plenty of picturesque moments to make even more romantic with a heartfelt horseback proposal.

7. Surfing Proposal

Since surfing is a major part of Hawaiian history and culture, it is no surprise that couples take a chance to ride the waves together.

So, why not make this exhilarating time something the two of you never forget by proposing?

If you’re worried about losing your very important engagement ring, you can make your proposal in shallow waters or right after you put your boards up.

For some inspiration, there is an amazing story of a Hawaiian man who proposed to his girlfriend while they were both surfing!

To keep the ring safe, he ended up using a spare out on the water while the real ring was safely ashore at Waikiki—which just so happened to be where the two met years before! As far as creative Hawaii proposal ideas go, you really can’t get more thoughtful and romantic than that.

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