7 Steps for Choosing the Best Helicopter Tour in Hawaii

7 Steps for Choosing the Best Helicopter Tour in Hawaii

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Your first trip to the beautiful islands of Hawaii should be a memorable one; taking to the skies may make it that. Helicopter tours provide a unique vantage point of your destination and can be an exhilarating and relaxing way to get familiar with the locale. Choosing the best helicopter tour in Hawaii comes down to these few pointers we present for you here.

Safety First

You want to be sure that the safety of yourself and your loved ones is secured and that means doing a little research. Helicopter tour accidents are rare, but they can and do happen, so it is advisable that you do an accident query on your top choices. The National Transportation Safety Board has a list of accidents in the area that specify the company involved and whether the accident was during an actual tour or while in training.

Seating Arraignments

Helicopters typically have six seats to them, but you certainly want to ask and be sure that everyone who would like to join you can. Two individuals will sit in front, and four will sit in the back, so it is essential to plan so that everyone gets the best possible view. A-Star and Eco-Star are common six-seat helicopter choices for companies, with the Eco-Star being a bit more luxe.


Making sure that the tour is within your budget seems like a sound idea, but each year many travelers find out too late that they could have saved money had they booked directly with the company online instead of through a third party. Do your shopping before arriving at the destination and you will find yourself a much better deal.

Timing Your Tour Correctly

Timing your tour correctly can maximize the joy of the experience. Pay close attention to the weather and choose to do your tour at the beginning of your trip so that you can become familiar with the islands. The experience is enhanced by knowing that once your trip is over you will get to spend time on the beautiful land you just gazed upon moments before.

Preparations for Your Tour Day

Once you are up in the air the time for planning is over so be sure to think ahead. Pay mind to all safety instructions and follow them, set your camera to a high-speed setting, avoid having a meal before the tour, and if you are prone to motion sickness bring the necessary preparations.

Post Tour Notes

Hopefully, you have taken notes of the areas you would like to see up close once the tour has completed. Ask your helicopter pilot for some tips or refer back to the tour company for additional information. There are sure to be many spots you want to check out, and you don’t want to forget.

Enjoy the Best Helicopter Tour in Hawaii

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the ride. The best helicopter tour in Hawaii should be uniquely beautiful, and companies like Tropical Helicopters have the experience necessary to get you the most out of your trip. Live to the fullest and be a part of an exciting experience today!