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who is king kamehameha

Discover Kohala: Who is King Kamehameha

The founding father and first ruler of the kingdom of Hawaii continues to live in legend throughout the islands and is an intriguing topic for tourists who travel to Hawaii each year. King Kamehameha I is renowned for having united the islands of Hawaii, and his death in 1819 marked a turning point in the

Top 10 Most Luxurious Things to Do on Oahu

  Oahu, also known as “The Gathering Place” is the third largest Hawaiian island and is famous for its beautiful landscapes and for housing the state capital of Honolulu. There are so many things to do while in Oahu but we wanted to take a moment to list the ten most luxurious things to do

Hawaii Vacation with Kids

The Family-Friendly Guide to a Hawaii Vacation with Kids

Hawaii, one of the best vacation destinations for families, especially those with kids. However, with plenty of family-friendly activities, the planning process can get overwhelming. What activities will the squirts enjoy most? What won’t break the bank? For your next family vacation, use our family-friendly guide to a Hawaii vacation with kids! Planning an Affordable

Best Restaurants in Hilo

A Taste of Paradise: Best Restaurants in Hilo

Taking a doors off helicopter tour out of Hilo? Wondering where to eat while you’re in the area? Look no further! Below are our recommendations of best restaurants in Hilo. Paul’s Place American, Contemporary $$-$$$ Paul’s Place is hands down one of the best restaurants in Hilo. Located just down the beach from the Hilo

planning a trip to hawaii

Steps to Planning a Trip to Hawaii

Are you planning on visiting the stunning Hawaiian islands? Now it’s time to dive into the planning process! It’s important to consider all aspects of the travel process when planning a trip to Hawaii so that you make the most out of your time in this island paradise. Here are a few tips to get

best hawaii resorts for families

5 Best Hawaii Resorts for Families

As the ultimate family vacation destination, there is no shortage of amazing resorts geared towards all ages on the Hawaiian islands. Before you plan your family trip to the islands, be sure to check out the best Hawaii resorts for families looking to experience Oahu or the Big Island: Aulani This Disney owned and operated