Best Helicopter Tour Of The Big Island: What You’ll See

Best Helicopter Tour Of The Big Island: What You’ll See

Best Helicopter Tour Of The Big IslandBest Helicopter Tour Of The Big Island: What You’ll See

Get on a helicopter for the only full circle island experience of Hawaii Island! Ensuring that you’ll see all of the note-worthy locations on Hilo during your vacation can be stressful. Taking a helicopter tour not only gives you the opportunity to see many of these landmarks, it gives you an extremely unique way to do so. There are many amazing sights on a tour of the Big Island that you don’t want to miss; here are a few:

10 of 13 Climate Zones

Hawaii is one of the most  diverse islands, where 10 out of 13 climates are present in one small space. Though some of these places are amazing to explore on foot, touring the island from above allows you to experience the diverse landscapes of these differing zones.  

Kona Coffee Belt

One of the most lush areas of Hilo, the Kona Coffee Belt is a refreshing change from the Hilo desert and volcanoes. The green expanse that is ideal for growing coffee is one of the famous landmarks of Hilo, and seeing this area from the air is a unique way to experience this Hilo must-see.

Green (and black) Beach

If you’re heading to Hilo, you can’t miss the opportunity to see the green sand of Papakolea, a geological oddity. Among one of the few in the world, the green sand comes from the deposit of lava called olivine, from a cinder cone called Puʻu Mahana. This beach can be difficult to get to, but is a stunning sight from the air.

On this tour, you’ll aso get a view of both white and black sand beaches, which are not as rare as a green beach, but just as amazing.

Kohala Mountains

Formed from a volcano that is no longer active, the Kohala mountains are now home to lucious areas of green, towering 2500′ waterfalls and sheer cliff faces that make these the most spectacular valleys in Hawaii. Seeing the climate change from desert to these mountains is a unique experience unique to a helicopter tour.

Kīlauea Volcano

Kilauea is currently one of the most active volcanoes in the word. This lava-spewing giant rests close to its parent volcano, Mauna Loa. A helicopter view of this natural phenomenon gives you the full experience of coming face-to-face with an active volcano. Including lava spews, steam billows and the heat of the lava. Our tour is doors-off, which means you will literally feel the heat of the lava rising from Kilauea, and have an unadulterated view of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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