Best Island To Visit In Hawaii For The First Time

Best Island To Visit In Hawaii For The First Time

Best Island To Visit In Hawaii For The First Time

Best Island To Visit In Hawaii For The First Time

Never been to Hawaii? Not sure which islands to hit up first? Never fear, here’s a list of attractions to check out in three of Hawaii’s islands!


Oahu is home to the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu, and is a strong mix of urban development and beautiful landscapes. Check out the wonders of North Shore, including delicious food trucks right next to the gorgeous beach and fantastical greenery. Better yet, head to the famed Waikiki beach and grab some surfing lessons. There’s great historical value with Pearl Harbor and various museums along with a ton of nightlife activities and five-star dinners. If you’re looking for more information about Oahu, check out our list of the most luxurious things to do on Oahu.


Maui is known as the more laidback island compared to Oahu, with fewer tourists, but the same amount of beauty. There are various, charming little towns scattered around the island and breathtaking scenery. Take a stroll around Haleakala National Park, or check out Molokini crater. Maui also has the best spots for swimming and cliff jumping as well as a few of the islands best waterfalls


The scenery on Kauai is described as “dramatic” as well as “regal.” Explore the beaches on the South Shore, or journey through Waimea Canyon called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” Kauai is known for its gardens, so take a rest in one of them, perhaps Limahuli Garden. Also, Kauai is home to some of the best hidden places to visit as well as natural wonders like waterfalls. The island has some of the best beaches to surf and kayaking tours to explore the island’s rivers.

The Big Island (Hawaii)

Aptly named “Hawaii” but called “The Big Island” to avoid confusion with the state, this island is larger than all the other islands combined and holds 11 out of 13 of the world’s climatic zones. That means you can potentially see snow and sand all in one island. Why not bear witness to an array of botanical gardens, beaches, and waterfalls? Also on Hawaii: active volcanoes

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