Best Season to Visit Hawaii in 2020 and Beyond

Best Season to Visit Hawaii in 2020 and Beyond

best season to visit hawaii

Are you planning your dream vacation to Hawaii? Don’t let bad weather or busy crowds rain on your parade—literally! After all, knowing the best season to visit Hawaii can make a huge difference in your vacation experience.

Maybe you and your spouse are excited to see the many tourist attractions on Oahu—but your trip just so happens to be one of the busiest times for the island.

Plus, there are some tourist attractions and local landmarks that are best seen during certain parts of the year.

So, to help you decide when the best time to visit Hawaii is for you, we’ve compiled information about each season below!

Best Season to Visit Hawaii: 2020 and Beyond!

Overall, Hawaii’s weather throughout the year remains pretty consistent. In fact, some even say that Hawaii only experiences two seasons—summer and winter! 

Nevertheless, there are subtle changes in Hawaii’s weather and other factors to keep in mind when choosing the best season to visit Hawaii.

Spring & Summer in Hawaii

Note: Typically, the spring season starts around mid-March and ends around mid-June. The summer season in Hawaii starts in May and can go as long as October! 

  • spring in hawaiiWeather:
    • Spring in Hawaii sees more rain than the other seasons.
    • However, the rainiest days in Hawaii tend to be in later months.
    • As summer rolls around, the islands see less rain. This dry weather is due to the Hawaiian trade winds dying down, which brings less rain to the islands.
  • Temperature: 
    • The average spring and summertime temperatures in Hawaii are an average of a balmy 81 degrees and can get as low as the high 60s! 
    • In summer, Hawaii sees an average of 85 degrees near the start of the season.
      • As the dry season starts, however, things heat up to the high 90s! 
  • Crowd size: 
    • For 2020, it is estimated that the busiest springtimes in Hawaii are:
      • The end of March and June, with the occasional busy weekend in other spring months.
      • Overall, spring is one of the low-travel seasons in Hawaii! 
    • Conversely, summer is one of the busiest travel times in Hawaii. 
      • One of the busiest times in Hawaii’s summer is around the 4th of July. 
    • Another busy time is Labor Day weekend in September. 
  • Things to do in spring and summer: With great weather, there are many things to do in Hawaii in spring and summer! For example, visitors can:
    • fishing in hawaiiGo fishing for iconic fish, like the Mahi Mahi, Amberjack, and other fish you can only get in Hawaii.
    • Take an unforgettable helicopter tourWith Tropical Helicopters, you can see the magnificent beauty of Oahu and the Big Island while basking in comfortable spring Hawaiian weather.
    • Celebrate Hawaiian Holidays, like Prince Kūhiō Day on March 26th, as well as Kamehameha Day on June 11th.

Fall & Winter in Hawaii

Note: While Hawaii doesn’t have a major change in its fall season, the season starts around late September and ends in mid-December. Then, winter lasts until early March. 

  • snow in hawaiiWeather: 
    • Hurricane season in Hawaii starts in June but typically goes until November. 
      • Overall, you’re more likely to see rain in fall than you would in summer.
      • The island that sees the most rain is Kaui, while the Big Island sees the least rain on average.
    • You may be surprised to hear it can snow in Hawaii! Depending on the altitude, places like Hawaii’s tall volcanoes can receive snow during winter.
  • Temperature: 
    • As the end of the year approaches, the fall temperatures in Hawaii are an average of 85 degrees for high temperatures, and 71 degrees for low temperatures.
    • Temperatures continue to drop for wintertime, dropping into the high 60s.
  • Crowd size: 
    • Fall in Hawaii tends to be a lighter season when it comes to crowd seasons to visit hawaii
      • In fact, the end of October and the first week of November are predicted to have lower tourist traffic than usual. 
    • Meanwhile, winter is a busier time for Hawaii, especially around the winter holidays, like Christmas.
  • Things to do in fall and winter:
    • Explore the rotating exhibits at the museums in Oahu! For example, Honolulu’s Art Museum has over 30 galleries, some of which feature new exhibits throughout the year.
    • See the beautiful Honolulu City LightsThis includes a parade that is perfect for the whole family to enjoy during the holidays.