Best Way To See Hawaii Volcanoes (By Helicopter)

Best Way To See Hawaii Volcanoes (By Helicopter)

Best Way To See Hawaii Volcanoes

Imagine yourself soaring over the green, lush landscape of Hawaii—over waterfalls, palm trees, and colorful sand beaches. Suddenly, a flicker of orange catches your eye from the helicopter—lo and behold, it’s molten lava! What’s more, you can feel the heat rising from the Hawaiian volcano. This is a doors-off tour.

It’s by far the best way to see Hawaii volcanoes—along with the Hawaii Circle Island Experience—and we guarantee you’ll never forget this helicopter ride! Take a look at your options below.

Hawaii Circle Island Experience: Soar Over Five Volcanoes

Get on a helicopter for the only FULL Circle Island Experience of Hawaii Island, home of 10 of the world’s 14 climate zones! You’ll see all five volcanoes including the active and erupting Kilauea Volcano. (That’s why this is the best way to see Hawaii volcanoes, so you won’t miss out on the action!) On your way there, you will fly over the infamous Kona Coffee Belt, Green, Black and White Sand Beaches… and even a desert!

You can enjoy the quaint towns and rainforests on your way to the majestic Kohala Mountains, where you will face towering, 2500-foot waterfalls and sheer cliff faces that make these the most spectacular valleys in Hawaii. If you book now, you’ll POCKET $50/seat.

Guest Reviews Of The Hawaii Circle Island Experience

  • “Beautiful lifetime experience!! Craters, lava, rainbows & waterfall…sunset. Everything that’s beautiful about nature brought into one tour experience. Absolutely incredible!” – Allie
  • “Even if the sunset isn’t spectacular on the day you go (we had less than optimal weather for a sunset), there is still plenty to see and experience that the sunset was an afterthought. Truly the best experience we had on our Hawaiian vacation!” – Susie
  • “The diversity of the island is amazing, and you really get to see it all on this tour. A fantastic journey with an A+ pilot. Thank you!” – Lia

Best Way To See Hawaii Volcanoes: Feel The Heat

Ditch the doors, get the discount. Furthermore, you can literally feel the heat on a Doors-Off Over The Volcano helicopter ride. Departing from Hilo, this Hawaii helicopter experience will take you 500 feet above the flowing lava and open vents of the Kilauea Volcano!

After feeling the volcano’s heat, you will then cool off as you fly over the rain forests of Hilo and see the mist rising from Wai‘ānuenue (Rainbow Falls). Top off the tour with the vistas of Mauna Loa for an unforgettable experience over Hawaii. If you book now, then you’ll SAVE $29 per seat! This is the best way to see Hawaii volcanoes, so don’t miss out.

Guest Reviews Of The Doors-Off Tour Over The Volcano

  • “Going no-doors is unforgettable! Feeling the heat of lava isn’t something you do every day. Plus, this tour was about so much more than the volcano. The views we got were spectacular. The pilot made sure everyone got to see the same things from several perspectives. We saw macadamia farms, Hilo’s harbor, Rainbow Falls, the Kilauea Volcano (we were fortunate to see molten lava streams – it was incredible to watch the lava flow into the ocean. It is unpredictable to know in advance what the flows will look like on any given day). It is cold up in the Hilo skies, so definitely wear long pants, socks, and a long-sleeve jacket!” – Braylen
  • “This tour is totally amazing – a must see for anyone visiting Hilo. The doors off opens up some incredible opportunities…aerial photos of lava, plus feeling the heat of an active volcano. If you’re debating taking this tour, take it! You won’t regret it.” – Bob & Cheryl
  • “I’ve been on several helicopter tours times but this one takes the cake! Doors off! Mahalo.” – Lonny
  • “Loved the tour! Doors off is really adds a whole new dimension to the experience.” – Hank
  • “Highly recommend to everyone reading this review. Best tour ever.” – Tristan
  • “Feeling the heat of lava has been checked off my bucket list!” – Taneika
  • “The pilot was great! Not all tours spot flowing lava, but our pilot found what lava was flowing and gave us a great experience.” – Katie

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Book your next discount tour for the Doors-Off Over The Volcano helicopter ride, and you’ll save money! This is truly the best way to see Hawaii volcanoes, and also one of the premier ways to soak in the stunning Hawaiian scenery from the sky.

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