Big Island Helicopter Ride – 4 Reasons to Take One

Big Island Helicopter Ride – 4 Reasons to Take One

big island helicopter ride

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii island, you should take a big island helicopter ride! Flying over the largest island in the Hawaiian chain will be an experience you’ll never forget. Here’s 4 reasons why you should take a big island helicopter ride.

Breathtaking Views

The Hawaiian islands are breathtakingly beautiful. That’s a fact. It’s also a fact that flying over the big island in a helicopter allows you to see jaw-dropping views you can’t see any other way. Hawaii island is home to 10 of the world’s 13 climate zones. You’ll be able to see the diversity in the island’s terrain from the sky and witness how it all blends together harmoniously.

Learn About The Islands

Going on a big island helicopter ride will teach you about the Hawaiian islands. No matter the length of your helicopter ride, you’ll hear fun facts about Hawaii from your tour guide. From telling you just how tall Kilauea Volcano is to pointing out the different sand colors on the beach, informed, enthusiastic guides are one of the best things about taking a helicopter tour!

Family-Friendly Activity

Taking a big island helicopter tour is a family-friendly activity. Many helicopter tours allow up to 4 people to ride together, experiencing the beauty of the Hawaiian islands as a group. You can bring your whole family! Your children will never forget the time they flew in a helicopter in Hawaii.

Beat the Crowds

There’s peace up in the air. That’s not always the case down below. As a popular tourist destination, Hawaii’s big island can get crowded. People pack the beaches and love taking tours of the island to see all of the most popular sites. With helicopter tours, you can beat the crowds. You will get a spectacular view of some of the islands most popular sites, attractions and areas in a private, intimate setting.

Big Island Helicopter Ride: Doors-Off-Over the Volcano

If you’ve decided to take a big island helicopter ride during your time in Hawaii, give Tropical Helicopters Doors-Off-Over-the-Volcano tour a whirl! On this tour, you’ll fly 500 feet above Kilauea Volcano’s flowing lava. You’ll be able to practically feel the heat! Volcanoes aren’t the only thing you’ll see on this tour, though. You will be able to cool down as you witness the mist at Rainbow Falls and soar over the lush rainforests in Hilo. Sounds incredible right? Book your tour now and you’ll save $30 per seat!

Big Island Helicopter Ride: Hawaii Circle Island Experience

Tropical Helicopters’ Hawaii Circle Island Experience is another great helicopter ride on the big island. On this adventure, you’ll fly over the Kona and Kohala Coasts, taking in the breathtaking mountains and 2,000-feet deep valleys. You’ll see waterfalls, all five volcanoes, and rainforests! With this tour, you’ll see all of the big island’s most beautiful places and have a good time doing it.

What are you waiting for? Book your tour today and save $60 per seat. Let the adventures begin!