Doors Off Helicopter Tour Big Island

Doors Off Helicopter Tour Big Island

big island helicopter tours doors off
(Originally published Aug 2017, Updated Nov 2019)

Have you considered flying over a Hawaiian volcano so you can feel the heat radiating from below? You’re missing out if you haven’t!

In fact, the best way to see Hawaiian volcanoes is from the air—specifically, from the seat of a doors-off helicopter tour. From tours that take you oversights like the famous Kilauea volcano to the island’s lush rainforests and valleys, the Big Island has a lot for you to see!

To get started on making your visit to Hawaii amazing, check out these Big Island helicopter tours doors-off and come face to face with Hawaii’s magnificent scenery.

Big Island Helicopter Tours: Doors-Off!

Feel the Heat of Kilauea

big island helicopter tours kilaueaDitch the doors and feel the heat on a doors-off helicopter ride! This tour departs from the scenic town of Hilo and takes you to the best way to see Kilauea Volcano—from the air, of course.

Your tour will also be fully narrated, so you can learn all there is to know about one of Hawaii’s most famous volcano. For example, you can learn anything from how often Kilauea erupts to what type of volcano this active Hawaiian landmark is.

If you have any questions on the tour, you can ask your knowledgable tour guide! With two-way communication from your pilot to your group, you can get a unique perspective of the Hawaiian sights you fly over on your tour.

Learn about the latest lava happenings at Kīlauea and other Hawaiian volcanoes with the Hawaii Lava Update!

Cool Down with Beautiful Kohala Waterfalls

After feeling the heat, you’ll cool off as you fly over the rainforests of Hilo and see the mist rising from Wai‘ānuenue, or Rainbow Falls, which is one of the many beautiful Kohala waterfalls.

Plus, you can also see the historic birthplace of King Kamehameha. Known as the king who united the Hawaiian islands, King Kamehameha and his birthplace of Kohala is still sacred to the people of Hawaii today.

Pre-Tour Planning: Know What to Wear on a Helicopter Ride?

You may not know it, but one important part of making your helicopter tour unforgettable is your outfit!

Now, the last thing on your mind when planning a trip to Hawaii’s Big Island is likely what to wear on your helicopter tours. Nonetheless, it’s important to know what to wear on a helicopter ride

First, you should check the weather before you even begin to pack your suitcase. Knowing how the weather forecast looks before you arrive in Hawaii can help you plan cute but comfortable outfits.

Next, it’s recommended that you wear durable clothes on your helicopter tour, like jeans! On the other hand, delicate clothes such as sweatpants are not recommended.

Another tip on ideal helicopter clothing is to bring an extra jacket or scarf. When up in the air, it can get surprisingly chilly, especially on a doors-off tour! So, with a jacket or scarf, you can easily bundle up when things get too cold.

All in all, you should dress for safety and comfort so you can enjoy your Big Island helicopter tour! So, don’t worry about the selfie–plus, a selfie is usually from the shoulders up, so you can still dress fashionably and safe for your tour experience.

To make your Hawaiian vacation amazing, take one of the many fabulous Big Island Helicopter Tours with doors-off! There is no better way to see Hawaii than from the best seat in the house–a helicopter!