hawaii proposal ideas

5 Best Hawaii Proposal Ideas (Including Helicopter Proposals)

(Originally posted 11/2/2016, Updated 1/23/2020) Table of Contents Helicopter Proposal Beach Proposal Volcano Proposal Sunset Proposal Sailboat Proposal Horseback Proposal Surfing Proposal If you’re looking to ask your partner the big question on your Hawaiian trip, then you need some creative Hawaii proposal ideas! With so much to do across the Hawaiian islands, there are

restaurants near turtle bay resort oahu

7 Tasty Restaurants Near Turtle Bay Resort

You’ve just gotten back to Turtle Bay after your thrilling ride on Tropical Helicopter’s Oahu Island Adventure helicopter tour. After seeing the beauty of the island from above, the next thing on your vacation agenda should be exploring the beauty of Turtle Bay! On the North Shore of Oahu, Turtle Bay is home to many

Most Scenic Helicopter Rides in Hawaii

Most Scenic Helicopter Rides in Hawaii

From majestic mountains to awe-inspiring waterfalls, the dazzling Hawaiian scenery welcomes globetrotters and once-in-a-lifetime vacationers! There are many ways for you to experience Hawaii when you plan a trip here. Whether you’re itching to try authentic Hawaiian food at a luau or relax your days away in the warm Hawaiian sunset, there’s always something new to

how safe are helicopters

How Safe are Helicopters in Hawaii?

When looking for exciting things to do on your trip to Hawaii, helicopter tours are likely high on your list! Naturally, though, you may be wondering just how safe are helicopters in Hawaii, whether it’s your first ride or one of many. Although there have been helicopter accidents in the past, this number is for

active volcanoes in hawaii

List of Active Volcanoes in Hawaii

(Originally posted August 2017, updated December 2019). Table of Contents Kilauea Loihi Hualalai Mauna Loa Haleakala Volcanoes are a popular tourist attraction in Hawaii! People long to experience their breathtaking views, hoping for the opportunity to safely catch one spraying lava into the air. Here at Tropical Helicopters, we offer you a birds-eye view of

how much do helicopter rides cost

How Much Do Helicopter Rides Cost?

When visiting Hawaii, you can’t miss the beautiful scenery that the islands have to offer! While you can explore the diverse climate of The Aloha State from the ground, seeing its landscape from the air is the best way to take in Hawaii. So, to make the most of your vacation, you should add a

big island helicopter tours doors off

Doors Off Helicopter Tour Big Island

Have you considered flying over a Hawaiian volcano so you can feel the heat radiating from below? You’re missing out if you haven’t! In fact, the best way to see Hawaiian volcanoes is from the air—specifically, from the seat of a doors-off helicopter tour. From tours that take you oversights like the famous Kilauea volcano

kohala waterfalls

5 Beautiful Kohala Waterfalls to Explore

When traveling to the island of Hawaii, seeing the beauty of its waterfalls is a must! With over 100 Hawaiian waterfalls across the islands, we are well known for this natural landmark. Some of Hawaii’s most breathtaking waterfalls are found right here on the Big Island. The Kohala waterfalls take their name from the surrounding