Hawaii Volcanoes Helicopter Tours

Best Hawaii Volcanoes Helicopter Tours

What are the best Hawaii volcanoes helicopter tours? Hawaii volcanoes helicopter tours are extremely popular during peak tourist season on the Big Island. They attract thousands of visitors from across the world. These tours have become a must-see experience that’s recommended many times over by Hawaii’s first-time visitors and returning fans. There’s no shortage of

things to do in oahu

5 Awesome Things To Do in Oahu

A trip to paradise isn’t complete without these thrilling things to do in Oahu Oahu is a can’t-miss island destination, home to Hawaii’s capital, Honolulu, and boasting some of best adventure spots in the country. It’s a scenic destination packed with all sorts of activities that attract thousands of visitors during peak tourist season. The

Helicopter Clothing

Helicopter Clothing: Packing for Doors Off Flights

While planning a trip to Hawaii, the last thing on your mind is mostly likely suitable helicopter clothing. But then you come across open door helicopter tours, and your packing list quickly changes. If helicopter clothing seems like a silly concept, you should quickly consider what a doors-off helicopter tour involves. You may be surprised

Honolulu Tour Discounts

Honolulu Tour Discounts

O’ahu features some of the most exotic scenery you’ll ever find on Earth. The atmosphere is full of mystery, intrigue and ripe with adventure. On one side, you can spot curious wildlife and captivating volcanoes. On the other, you can spend the day relaxing on the white sand beach. There’s a little bit of everything

Tours of Big Island Hawaii

3 Great Tours of Big Island Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the trendiest vacation spots on Earth, and for good reason. Incredible ecosystems, wildlife, and stunning view make up just a few of the hot topic sites that visitors flock to. It’s no wonder people come from every corner of the world to participate in all kinds of tours of Big Island

Things to do in Kona Hawaii

Things to Do in Kona Hawaii

If you enjoy outdoor activities, don’t miss this Big Island hot spot. With crystal, clear water and optimal weather conditions, there’s access to outdoor activities like nowhere else. Those looking for things to do in Kona Hawaii won’t be disappointed. The Kona District, located on the West side of the Big Island, isn’t just for

Best Way to See Kilauea Lava

The Best Way to See Kilauea Lava

You won’t forget the first time your eyes lock with the mesmerizing molten rock of Kilauea. It’s a magnificent volcano that has been erupting for decades—making it one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Many come to Hawaii and get told that they can’t miss the sight, and they’re right. So, then the question becomes…what’s

top Hawaii waterfall helicopter tours

Top Hawaii Waterfall Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours feature some of the most stunning scenery in all of Hawaii. When planning your trip to the gorgeous islands, make sure you’re fitting in a trip soaring through the air. Waterfalls are a must-see on your trip, and you’ll be sure to want the perfect view! Lucky for you, we have compiled some

what is a doors off helicopter tour

What Is a Doors Off Helicopter Tour? 

You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve heard of the concept. But, you’re still not sure you know the answer to the question, what is a doors off helicopter tour?  If you’ve been asking yourself, what is a doors off helicopter tour?, here’s everything you need to know. What Is a Doors Off Helicopter Tour? A doors