Helicopter Clothing

Helicopter Clothing: Packing for Doors Off Flights

(Updated August 2019) While planning a trip to Hawaii, the last thing on your mind is most likely what to wear on a helicopter ride. But then, you come across breathtaking open-door helicopter tours, and your packing list quickly changes. If ‘what to wear on a helicopter ride’ seems like a silly question to ask,

When Was the Last Time Kilauea Erupted?

(Updated August 2019) Kilauea is a shield volcano―one of the five volcanoes that form the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s the most active volcano in Hawaii and in the world. It’s most recent activity began in May 2018, when Kilauea showed signs of above-normal activity. Earthquakes, opening fissures, and violent explosions caused thousands of nearby

helicopter tour hilo

What Can You See on a Helicopter Tour in Hilo?

What can you expect from Tropical Helicopter’s Doors Off Big Island Tour of Hilo? Morning and afternoon departures from Hilo Airport Duration: 50 minutes to 1-hour Two-way communication between you, your pilot, and your group Fully narrated tour Unmatched beauty and sights which we go into detail below About Hilo, Hawaii Located on the northeastern

How many days do you need in Hawaii

How Many Days Do You Need In Hawaii?

There are several factors to consider when planning a trip to Hawaii. How many days you need in Hawaii is contingent on: Islands you are planning to visit How much money you are looking to spend Kinds of activities you want to participate in, and How you’re getting to the islands While you’re planning your

oahu bucket list ideas

Top Oahu Bucket List Ideas For Travelers

  So, you’re heading to Oahu? You must be looking for things to do and explore. What are the best Oahu bucket list ideas to experience while you’re there? You’re in luck—we have a list! Plus, you can see these from one of the most stunning angles—an aerial perspective! You can easily see these gorgeous locations from a helicopter,

Unusual Things To Do In Oahu

Top 11 Unusual Things To Do In Oahu

Tired of the overcrowded tourist attractions in Oahu? Want to go on a REAL adventure? We have compiled a list of the most unusual things to do while you visit Oahu. Take a look and escape the crowds today! Here are the Coolest Unusual Things To Do In Oahu Shark encounters Ever dream of swimming

Best Hawaiian Island for Honeymoon

The Best Hawaiian Island For A Honeymoon

Hawaii is a great place to plan any romantic trip, but especially the ultimate romantic trip: a honeymoon! Each Hawaiian island is unique and has different activities. Depending on whether you want a relaxing honeymoon or one full of adventure (or a mix of both), deciding on a Hawaiian Island is an important first step!

Where to See Active Volcanoes in Hawaii

Where to See Active Volcanoes in Hawaii

If a visit to Hawaii is on the horizon, making plans to see a volcano is something you don’t want to miss. While you can see remnants of old volcanoes across the islands of Hawaii, there are ways you can still see a few active volcanoes. There might not be any lava flowing from them

diamond head crater

How To Get To Diamond Head Crater in Hawaii

. Are you traveling to Oahu and are wondering how to get to Diamond Head Crater in Hawaii? Whether you prefer to hike, drive or fly — we have the rundown for you the next time you’re heading for this tropical crater. About the crater Diamond Head State Monument offers incredible views overlooking the Pacific