Top Helicopter Tours Around the World

Top 10 Helicopter Tours Around the World

Imagine all the things you would see if you took all the top helicopter tours around the world. The beauty! The majesty! Words alone can’t capture the awesome feeling of hovering over the Great Barrier Reef or sweating through the adrenaline-filled ride over Hawaiian volcanoes. You can only get so much of a thrill from

history of the helicopter

The History of the Helicopter

Any textbook can tell you that American-Russian engineer, Igor Sikorsky, fathered the modern helicopter. However, did you know many people accredit 15th-century Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci, as the person who first conceived the idea? He never built his 1488 design for the ornithopter flying machine. However, it certainly could be seen as the beginning

hawaiian sayings

Our 5 Favorite Hawaiian Sayings

No matter how old, traditional words of wisdom always have a way of withstanding time and place. Hawaiian sayings have some truth for everyone. Here are a few of our favorite Hawaiian sayings worth spending a few minutes to think about. Inspirational Hawaiian sayings to live by 1. Make every person, place or condition better than

hawaii volcano helicopter tour reviews

Hawaii Volcano Helicopter Tour Reviews

Tropical Helicopters has taken hundreds of eager travelers out into the blue Hawaiian skies since 1997. Since then, we’ve heard countless stories from our passengers about their memorable experiences. Here are just a few Hawaii volcano helicopter tour reviews we’ve gotten! Doors-Off Lava Tour  “This tour is totally amazing – a must see for anyone

blue hawaiian vs tropical helicopters

Blue Hawaiian vs Tropical Helicopters

Think you know Hawaii inside-out? Even if you’re an island hopping pro and have seen all the big sites on foot, seeing it all from a different angle lets you experience it all anew. Hawaiian helicopter tours are one of the best ways to see the sights. Lush green scenery, majestic waterfalls, and oozing lava

hawaii lava videos

10 Insane Hawaii Lava Videos

Lava flows come in all sorts of shapes and speeds, ranging from slow crawls over roads to explosive eruptions. The Big Island alone consists of five volcanoes: Mauna Loa, Kilauea, Hualalai, Mauna Kea, and Kohala. Active volcanoes constantly erupt around the world, from Iceland to Indonesia. However, few places offer safe, up-close views of the gushing lava

what type of volcano is kilauea

What Type of Volcano is Kilauea?

There are several different types of volcanoes in the world, varying in form and activity level. The Hawaiian volcanoes are a well known group among scientists and visitors from around the world. Kilauea, in particular, is renowned as one of the most active volcanoes on Earth.  So, what type of volcano is Kilauea? Let’s explore

when was the last time kilauea erupted

When Was the Last Time Kilauea Erupted?

Kilauea is a shield volcano―one of the five volcanoes that form the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s the most active volcano in Hawaii and in the world. In May 2018, Kilauea started showing signs of above-normal activity. Earthquakes, opening fissures, and violent explosions caused thousands of nearby residents to evacuate. The eruptions have been documented

how many volcanoes are in hawaii

How Many Volcanoes Are in Hawaii?

A beautiful group of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean form the State of Hawaii. Unlike the continental United States, Hawaii is unique in that volcanoes are entirely responsible for the land form’s existence. There are 8 major islands, with the Big Island of Hawaii being the largest, and several smaller islets.  Hawaii is composed

why are there volcanoes in hawaii

Why Are There Volcanoes in Hawaii?

Why are volcanoes everywhere on the Hawaiian islands? Volcanoes are usually found near the boundaries of the tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s crust. However, the Hawaiian islands are located far from Pacific plate. So, why are there volcanoes in Hawaii? That’s a good question. People know Hawaii as the dream vacation spot, not