Unusual Things To Do In Oahu

Top 11 Unusual Things To Do In Oahu

Tired of the overcrowded tourist attractions in Oahu? Want to go on a REAL adventure? We have compiled a list of the most unusual things to do while you visit Oahu. Take a look and escape the crowds today! Here are the Coolest Unusual Things To Do In Oahu Shark encounters Ever dream of swimming

Best Hawaiian Island for Honeymoon

The Best Hawaiian Island For A Honeymoon

Hawaii is a great place to plan any romantic trip, but especially the ultimate romantic trip: a honeymoon! Each Hawaiian island is unique and has different activities. Depending on whether you want a relaxing honeymoon or one full of adventure (or a mix of both), deciding on a Hawaiian Island is an important first step!

Where to See Active Volcanoes in Hawaii

Where to See Active Volcanoes in Hawaii

If a visit to Hawaii is on the horizon, making plans to see a volcano is something you don’t want to miss. While you can see remnants of old volcanoes across the islands of Hawaii, there are ways you can still see a few active volcanoes. There might not be any lava flowing from them

diamond head crater

How To Get To Diamond Head Crater in Hawaii

. Are you traveling to Oahu and are wondering how to get to Diamond Head Crater in Hawaii? Whether you prefer to hike, drive or fly — we have the rundown for you the next time you’re heading for this tropical crater. About the crater Diamond Head State Monument offers incredible views overlooking the Pacific

Best 5 Hawaii Waterfalls and How to See Them

While adventuring throughout one of the most beautiful island chains on Earth, it’s difficult not to stumble upon jaw-dropping natural Hawaii waterfalls. When traveling around each island you will find waterfalls of all heights and sizes some of which are deep in the mountains and rain forests while others are along seaside cliffs. Some of