Blue Hawaiian vs Tropical Helicopters

Blue Hawaiian vs Tropical Helicopters

blue hawaiian vs tropical

Think you know Hawaii inside-out? Even if you’re an island hopping pro and have seen all the big sites on foot, seeing it all from a different angle lets you experience it all anew. Hawaiian helicopter tours are one of the best ways to see the sights. Lush green scenery, majestic waterfalls, and oozing lava all await.

Now comes the tough part: Which helicopter company do you choose? Booking a helicopter ride is no small matter. It’s not as simple as buying an ice cream cone. So you’ll have to consider every detail before saying yes. 

Several other helicopter tour companies share features with Tropical Helicopters. Like Tropical, Blue Hawaiian is a trusted company with top-notch staff. Let’s dig deeper into Blue Hawaiian vs Tropical Helicopters to reveal a bit more!

1. Discount Helicopter Tours

Tropical Helicopters:

Tropical Helicopters is a reseller of Discount Helicopter Tours across Hawaii. We have continual great deals due to excess inventory and last minute promotions.

Blue Hawaiian:

Doesn’t offer discounts at this time.

2. Blue Hawaiian vs Tropical Helicopters: Longest and Shortest Tours

Tropical Helicopters:

hawaii helicopterThe Long: Hawaiian Circle Island is the longest trip offered. It can last up to 2 hours and 20 minutes. During the flight, you will see massive 2,500 foot waterfalls and sheer cliff faces. You will go over rainforests, the awesome Kohala Mountains and all five volcanoes. The highlight is the constantly erupting Kilauea. It’s been covering the Big Island with lava for over 30 years! 

The Short: Doors-Off Lava Tours Big Island flight lasts 40 – 50 minutes. Watch the Kilauea Volcano erupt from 500 feet above the ground. Even in the no-door helicopter, you can still feel the waves of heat from the lava flow. After watching Hawaii forming before your eyes, you will then buzz over Rainbow Falls, lush rainforests and Mauna Loa’s vistas.

Blue Hawaiian:

The Long: Complete Island – Oahu will take you over the sprawling Waianae mountain range and Leeward Coast. You’ll soar over the Dole Plantation, Sacred Falls, and Pearl Harbor. Experience an extinct volcanic crater, cliffs and stunning rainforests.

The Short: Pali Makani lasts 30 minutes and familiarizes you with Oahu. This tour goes over downtown, the gorgeous waters of the Honolulu Harbor and the Aloha Tower. You will also fly above the ‘Iolani Palace, Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial.

3. What You Can See in One Hour

Tropical Helicopters and Blue Hawaiian offer very different experiences. One thing they have in common is an hour-long tour. Let’s see what they can cover in 60 minutes.

Tropical Helicopters:

Oahu Island Adventure offers marvelous views of Oahu. Fly over the waves of the North Shore and the sights of Pearl Harbor. Enjoy the majesty of Sacred Falls, Diamond Head and more.

Blue Hawaiian:

The Oahu Spectacular features the beautiful white-sand Waimanalo beach and the famous Kaneohe Bay coral formations. You’ll also fly over Diamond Head monument, the Nuuanu rainforest and Pearl Harbor.

The Big Island and Oahu are filled with breathtaking sights to see. Whether you opt for a doors-off experience or a whole island tour, it is sure to be memorable. When taking a look at Blue Hawaiian vs Tropical Helicopters, both companies offer tours showcasing magnificent Hawaiian sites. It all comes down to what fits you best.

Are you looking for a short 30-minute ride or an extensive 2 hour and 20 min tour? Do you want to cruise over downtown Oahu or would you rather check out all five volcanoes on the Big Island? Most importantly, what’s your in your budgetFigure out what works best for you and enjoy this one of a kind experience.

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