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hawaiian sayings

Our 10 Favorite Hawaiian Sayings

(Originally published June 2018, Updated September 2019) No matter how old, traditional words of wisdom always have a way of withstanding time and place. Hawaiian sayings have some truth for everyone. Here are a few of our favorite Hawaiian sayings worth spending a few minutes to think about. Inspirational Hawaiian Sayings to Live By 1.

hawaiian legends

Hawaiian Legends: Guide to Hawaiian Gods & Goddesses

When you think of Hawaii, you likely think of its beautiful beaches and unforgettable landscapes. However, behind all of that beauty is something even more breathtaking. These are the Hawaiian legends that have spanned the history of Hawaii’s people to the people of today. At the root of those stories is the Native Hawaiian religion.

helicopter safety tips

Top 5 Helicopter Safety Tips

Thinking of taking a helicopter tour over Hawaii, but the thought of flying in a helicopter is a little nerve-wracking? With these helicopter safety tips, you will feel safe and fully prepared to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. 1. Use Good Communication Etiquette Headphones are provided on each flight so your pilot can narrate

Colored Sand beaches of hawaii

Curious About the Colored Sand Beaches of Hawaii?

Hawaii is known all over the world for its warm beaches and crystal clear water. Yet, Hawaii’s volcanic geology has also made it world famous for another quirky phenomenon–colored sand. Apart from familiar white sand beaches, you can find black, red and even green sand beaches in this tropical paradise. The colored sand beaches of

volcano helicopter tours

Experience Hawaii From Above With Volcano Helicopter Tours

(Updated August 2019) What’s the best way to experience Hawaii? There are countless activities for you to check off while you’re here, but few compare to the adrenaline rush of Hawaiian volcano helicopter tours. Take a helicopter ride over Hawaii for a unique way to experience paradise. From above, you’ll see gorgeous rainforests, waterfalls, and

10 Bucket List Destinations to Visit by Helicopter

10 Bucket List Destinations to Visit by Helicopter

The most thrilling way to soak up the sights of a new place is by a helicopter trip. You can’t properly appreciate the most beautiful places in the world from the ground! Seeing a landscape from the sky lets you take it all in without getting blocked by people, trees, or buildings. We’ve compiled a

history of the helicopter

The History of the Helicopter

Any textbook can tell you that American-Russian engineer, Igor Sikorsky, fathered the modern helicopter. However, did you know many people accredit 15th-century Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci, as the person who first conceived the idea? He never built his 1488 design for the ornithopter flying machine. However, it certainly could be seen as the beginning