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how much do helicopter rides cost

How Much Do Helicopter Rides Cost?

When visiting Hawaii, you can’t miss the beautiful scenery that the islands have to offer! While you can explore the diverse climate of The Aloha State from the ground, seeing its landscape from the air is the best way to take in Hawaii. So, to make the most of your vacation, you should add a

kohala waterfalls

5 Beautiful Kohala Waterfalls to Explore

When traveling to the island of Hawaii, seeing the beauty of its waterfalls is a must! With over 100 Hawaiian waterfalls across the islands, we are well known for this natural landmark. Some of Hawaii’s most breathtaking waterfalls are found right here on the Big Island. The Kohala waterfalls take their name from the surrounding

helicopter tours on the big island of hawaii

Top 5 Helicopter Tours in Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island, otherwise known as the Island of Hawaii, is the youngest and largest island out of the Hawaiian island chain. Traveling across this island allows visitors to experience almost every climate zone on Earth! Whether you take one of the stunning helicopter tours on the Big Island of Hawaii or travel on foot, the sights

hawaiian sayings

Our 10 Favorite Hawaiian Sayings

(Originally published June 2018, Updated September 2019) No matter how old, traditional words of wisdom always have a way of withstanding time and place. Hawaiian sayings have some truth for everyone. Here are a few of our favorite Hawaiian sayings worth spending a few minutes to think about. Inspirational Hawaiian Sayings to Live By 1.

what type of volcano is kilauea

What Type of Volcano is Kilauea?

(Originally published May 2018, Updated September 2019) There are several different types of volcanoes in the world, varying in form and activity level. The Hawaiian volcanoes are a well known group among scientists and visitors from around the world. Kilauea, in particular, is renowned as one of the most active volcanoes on Earth.  What Type

hawaiian legends

Hawaiian Legends: Guide to Hawaiian Gods & Goddesses

When you think of Hawaii, you likely think of its beautiful beaches and unforgettable landscapes. However, behind all of that beauty is something even more breathtaking. These are the Hawaiian legends that have spanned the history of Hawaii’s people to the people of today. At the root of those stories is the Native Hawaiian religion.

Helicopter Clothing

Helicopter Clothing: Packing for Doors Off Flights

(Updated August 2019) While planning a trip to Hawaii, the last thing on your mind is most likely what to wear on a helicopter ride. But then, you come across breathtaking open-door helicopter tours, and your packing list quickly changes. If ‘what to wear on a helicopter ride’ seems like a silly question to ask,

helicopter tour hilo

What Can You See on a Helicopter Tour in Hilo?

What can you expect from Tropical Helicopter’s Doors Off Big Island Tour of Hilo? Morning and afternoon departures from Hilo Airport Duration: 50 minutes to 1-hour Two-way communication between you, your pilot, and your group Fully narrated tour Unmatched beauty and sights which we go into detail below About Hilo, Hawaii Located on the northeastern