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best time to visit hawaii

The Best Time to Visit Hawaii

Before you begin planning and booking for your vacation in Hawaii, it’s important to first consider the factors that go into choosing the perfect date for your dream Hawaiian vacation. Visiting during the best time of the year will save you money, headaches, and be able to make the most of it. The following are

what to do in hawaii in the winter

What to Do in Hawaii in the Winter

We usually think of visiting tropical destinations during the summer since it might seem like the ideal season to do so. However, there are many benefits of planning a trip to Hawaii during the off-season, even during the coldest of months. During this time, there will be fewer tourists, shorter lines at the popular attractions, and

Oahu or big island

Which Island Should You Visit: O’ahu or Big Island?

Of Hawaii’s six major islands open for tourism, O’ahu and the Big Island are two of the most popular. While both of these islands have well-developed travel infrastructures, they have very different personalities. People interested in world-class shopping, dining, and nightlife tend to be drawn to O’ahu. On the other hand, tourists who want to

best hawaiian island to visit

Choosing the Best Hawaiian Island to Visit

It’s that time of year again: the thrilling time to choose the best vacation spot! Are you struggling with deciding on the best Hawaiian island to visit? While you can hit up a few islands on a trip to Hawaii, each island has its own distinct character and things to do. Start thinking about what

what nationality visits hawaii the most

What Nationality Visits Hawaii the Most?

Unlike other states in the United States, tourism is the most profitable industry in Hawaii, followed by defense and agriculture. Over 200,000 jobs rely heavily on tourism, although it’s difficult to measure exactly how many industries are impacted directly by visitors. Moreover, about 9 million people visited the state in 2017 alone. You might wonder