Choosing the Best Hawaiian Island to Visit

Choosing the Best Hawaiian Island to Visit

best hawaiian island to visit

It’s that time of year again: the thrilling time to choose the best vacation spot! Are you struggling with deciding on the best Hawaiian island to visit? While you can hit up a few islands on a trip to Hawaii, each island has its own distinct character and things to do.

Start thinking about what you’re hoping to get out of your visit. Relaxation, adventure, knowledge? Here are a few guidelines to follow when choosing the best Hawaiian island to visit.

The Best Island for Snorkeling: Maui

choosing best hawaiian islandsMaui is home to the beautiful Molokini Crater, one of the top locations for snorkeling and renowned for its clear water. Imagine yourself putting on that snorkeling gear and diving deep into the water. So many different types of sea life swimming around you!

Picture being able to reach out and touch the life beneath the sea. Is diving into the depths of Hawaii’s beautiful water your dream? Maui boasts pleasant weather and more swimmable beaches than any other Hawaiian island, making it prime real estate for surfing and diving as well.

The Best Island for Swimming With Dolphins: Big Island (Kailua-Kona)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim with dolphins? To watch the dolphins swim, jump, and play their way right into your heart, Kailua-Kona has the answer to all that. There are thousands of dolphins from several species surrounding the Hawaiian island. Many tours let you get close to wild dolphins, so keep an eye out for the ones that educate you on how to respectfully approach the animals. 

Not sure of the best place to go to enjoy this amazing chance? Try Dolphin Journeys.

The Best Island for Nightlife: Oahu (Waikiki)

With Pearl Harbor and the city of Honolulu, Oahu has tons to do. Curious about the nightlife? Waikiki’s a safe bet for any night owl. With clubs, special events, and 5-star restaurants, Waikiki is a stark contract to the lush rain forests not too far away.

Waikiki offers the usual bars and nightclubs, but you can also find part bikes and tiki bars to get out in the warm weather.

The Best Island for Hiking: Kauai

kauai waterfallDo you enjoy connecting with nature by exploring the local landscape? You’ll love Kauai. This island has a list of trails to pick from for fun and invigorating hikes, all the way from the Kalalau Trail to the Cliff Trail to Waipoo Falls.

This island is popular for all the natural wonders it possesses. Part of the adventure is trying to find the perfect trail to go on. There are hundreds of options to choose from on Kauai. Just beware of the weather, because Kauai is actually one of the wettest places on Earth, so don’t expect to stay dry!

Kauai’s official website lists the various trails to explore.

The Best Island for Helicopter Tours: Oahu

sacred fallsLast, but not least is Oahu. Choosing the best Hawaiian island to visit for a birds’ eye view? Oahu is a prime location for getting a glimpse of world-famous beaches and stunning natural formation like Chinaman’s Hat, Diamond Head, and Sacred Falls.

Have you ever ridden in a helicopter overlooking the beautiful island of Oahu? Some sites like Sacred Falls are only accessible by air, so not only does a helicopter tour give you a unique perspective, it lets you visit otherwise hidden gems.

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