Family-Friendly Things to Do in Hawaii

Family-Friendly Things to Do in Hawaii

family-friendly things to do in hawaii

Hawaii is a great place to take your family for vacation. There’s all kinds of fun activities to try! From luaus to surf lessons to ocean sports, there’s something for everyone to love in Hawaii.

Here’s a list of family-friendly things to do in Hawaii:


Luaus are traditional Hawaiian celebrations featuring tasty food, lively entertainment and loads of fun. The name comes from the traditional foods generally served at luaus including meat, leaves and coconut milk. One iconic luau dish is Kālua pig, or Kālua pork. The celebration also includes a variety of forms of entertainment, from dancing to hula performances to group games. And, don’t forget your lei! Lei’s are beautiful necklaces made out of flowers, ferns, or nuts that men and women dawn during luaus.

Ocean Sports

Ocean sports are a fun way to connect to the beautiful ocean that surrounds the Hawaiian islands. The ocean is a central part of Hawaiian culture and it’s always great to get out on the water!

Many companies host a variety of ocean activities! Surf lessons are quite popular in Hawaii. The lessons give you the opportunity to learn proper surfing technique from talented professional surfers. Similarly, stand up paddle boarding allows you to ride the waves while using a paddle to guide yourself through the water.

Kayaking is another popular ocean sport that’s safe for the whole family. You can opt to rent kayaks and chart out your own ocean adventure. Or, you can take a kayak tour! Kayak tours take you to some of the best snorkeling and whale watching spots. Tour guides can also give you information about the vast array of sea life you may see along the way!

Beach Hopping

Hawaii has so many beautiful beaches. Why not see then all? Beach hopping gives you a chance to relax and bask in the sun. There’s nothing like laying out on the beach without a care in the world. Don’t forget to bring a beach ball or two for some extra fun.

Helicopter Tours

The Hawaiian Islands are absolutely gorgeous. From the people to the cuisine to the traditions to the deep connection to nature, Hawaii is brimming with beauty. While it’s easy to see the islands on the ground, it’s an incredible experience to see Hawaii from the sky.

Helicopter tours offer stellar, birds-eye views of Hawaii that few ever get to see. You can watch the sun set over the West Maui Mountains and see the multicolored rainbows reflecting in Rainbow Falls from an entirely new angle!

Tropical Helicopters offers incredible helicopter tours over Hawaii Island and Oahu. People love our Doors-Off-Over-the-Volcano tour, which flies over Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You can practically feel the heat from the lava pouring out of Kilauea’s crater during the tour. And the best part is, by booking today, you could save between $30 and $60 on our tours. Choose your adventure and book today!