Tropical HelicoptersQ: How experienced are your pilots?

A: Our pilots provide you with the best tour, excellent narration and knowledge of the island. We conduct training annually and all pilots must pass an F.A.A. flight check. We also bring outside professional instructors into our company every year to evaluate and train our pilots in the latest techniques and information.

Q: When is the best time to fly?

A: The best time to fly is what works best for your schedule. Living in Hawaii, we are fortunate to have great weather almost all the time. However, if your flight is cancelled due to poor weather, you do have the option to reschedule your flight. This is why we suggest to always book your flight as early in your vacation as possible. Also, by flying early in your trip it gives you the opportunity to see the island from the air and then decide what you would like to explore further.

Q: Are we going to see lava?

A: Your chances are really good! There is almost always lava. We have to remember that it is nature and it can change. Your pilot will do their very best to fly wherever the activity is.

Q: What should we wear?

A: Wear whatever is comfortable for you. If you are going to take pictures, darker colors are better because it reduces the chance of reflections in your photos.

Q: What is the seating in the helicopter?

A: In our McDonnell Douglas 500 (like the helicopter from Magnum P.I.), all seats are window seats. There are 2 passengers in the front with the pilot and 2 passengers in the back.

In our Bell 407, the seating is executive style (like a limousine). There is 1 passenger in the front with the pilot and five in the back. 2 seats face the other 3 seats allowing you to see and talk to the person(s) you are flying with.

Seating is assigned based on weight and balance, which was approved by the FAA so we cannot guarantee seats. However, because of the outstanding helicopters we fly, viewing is great from all of the seats.

Q: Should we take anti-motion sickness pills?

A: If you are prone to motion sickness then I would suggest taking something before you fly. Our helicopters do provide a smooth ride and most people do great!

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Our hours of operation are 7 am – 10 pm (HST) 7 days a week. However, if you are interested in setting up a specialty flight, then we will work to accommodate your needs.

Q: How long has Tropical Helicopters been in business?

A: Our company was started in 1997. Tropical Helicopters is dedicated to providing a personalized and friendly helicopter flight service to all of our customers. From the first phone call to the end of the flight our staff is trained to serve the client and give a personal touch to make everyone feel special. Tropical Helicopters is located on the Island of Hawaii with desks located at both of the major airports on the Island, Kona International Airport and Hilo International Airport.

Tropical Helicopters is not the biggest helicopter company on the island, but our service minded staff has been providing personalized service with Aloha for many years. Tropical Helicopters can provide the personalized service and amenities other helicopter companies do not offer!

Q: Are there other flight options besides the ones on the website?

A: We can set up almost any flight you have in mind. If there is something special you want to do (have lunch at a private waterfall, land at a secluded spot), let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

Q: Do you offer videos of the flight?

A: We want our pilots to give the best possible tour by narrating and sharing knowledge with the passengers, and not having to focus on making a video. So, we have chosen to have a professional video of the island available that highlights all the beauty you will see on your flight.

Q: What Are Some Common Hawaiian Words?

Aloha – hello, goodbye, love
Pau – finished, done
Mahalo – thank you
Puka – hole
Ono – good
Mauka – mountain side (used a lot when referring to directions. Example – on the mauka side of the road)
Makai – ocean side (used a lot when referring to directions)
Paniolo – cowboy
Honu – Green Sea Turtle