Our 5 Favorite Hawaiian Sayings

Our 5 Favorite Hawaiian Sayings

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No matter how old, traditional words of wisdom always have a way of withstanding time and place. Hawaiian sayings have some truth for everyone. Here are a few of our favorite Hawaiian sayings worth spending a few minutes to think about.

Inspirational Hawaiian sayings to live by

1. Make every person, place or condition better than you left it always.

E hele me ka pu’olo! Pick up your trash from the beach, push in your own chair, leave kind words wherever you go. You have the power to affect everything and everyone around you, so make it count positively!

2. Love is like a cleansing dew.

He kehau ho`oma`ema`e ke aloha! The cure to a frustrating, long day isn’t always a donut and movie binge watching. Spending time with friends and loved ones always has a renewing effect. Receiving love de-stresses and energizes.

3. While the sun yet shines do all that you can.

Oi kau ka la e hana i ola honua! Whether your dream is to take a helicopter ride over the erupting Kilauea volcano or swim with dolphins in the blue water surrounding Hawaii, being alive is reason enough. Our time is precious, so tackle that bucket list every day that the sun is shining.

helicopter over the ocean

4. Jealousy belongs to the ugly.

Na ka pupuka ka lili! Jealously never looks good on the person wearing it. Don’t be that person.

5. Love is the host of strange places.

O ke aloha ke kuleana o kâhi malihini! Have you ever traveled to a new city, community, or country? I would bet that your best experiences lead back to outstanding hospitality. Being kindly accepted and respected in a new place is the best feeling as a newcomer.

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