Hawaii Helicopter Tour: Morning or Afternoon?

Hawaii Helicopter Tour: Morning or Afternoon?

Hawaii Helicopter Tour: Morning or Afternoon?

Hawaii Helicopter Tour: Morning or Afternoon?

Trying to deciding whether to book your Hawaiian helicopter tour in the morning or afternoon? It’s a well known fact that in Hawaii there is no such thing as a “better” time of day. With consistently warm temperatures and mild weather, you can’t chose a bad time to explore some of the most beautiful islands in the world. However, depending on you travel plans and the type of helicopter tour you want to book, there may be a “better” time of day for you to book your tour.

Check out the list of pros for deciding whether to book your Hawaii helicopter tour in the morning or afternoon!

Morning Departure:

Less Weather Potential

Typically, the best times to fly in Hawaii are late morning or early afternoon. As the day lengthens, the possibility of clouds or rain increase. Your helicopter pilot won’t fly in bad weather, so rest assured weather you book in the morning or afternoon, your ride will be safe and full of views!

You can check the weather forecast before booking your tour here.

Opens up the Day

Just as we suggest booking your tour for early in your vacation, booking your tour for earlier in the day lends you more flexibility to explore what you see from the air on land following the tour. All of our tours take you to see amazing sites on the Islands; some of which you may decide to explore later that afternoon!

Provides Flexibility

Due to the off-chance that weather or visibility may not be optimal at the time you booked your tour, have booked early in the day gives you and your helicopter pilot more flexibility to reschedule your flight for later that day or later in your trip.

Afternoon Departure:

More availability:

Mornings tend to be a busy time to book a tour. If you prepare far enough in advance, scheduling your tour for your desired time shouldn’t be an issue. But if you’re looking for a tour with potentially more flexibility and less traffic, afternoon is the perfect time for you.

Amazing Lighting:

Depending on what tour you are interested in, the afternoon lighting may be the opportune time to book. Our Ko Olina Resort Tour flies to many locations along the shore and inland Ohau. Seeing these sights in the warm glow of afternoon sunlight may be exactly what you are looking for.

Less Stress:

Making sure you’re up and ready to go in the morning can always lead to some unnecessary stress, especially when on vacation. Booking an afternoon tour may give you that extra time to enjoy your morning before heading to your tour’s starting destination.


Regardless of whether you book your Hawaiian helicopter tour in the morning or afternoon, there isn’t a bad time to book your tour over the stunning landscape of the Hawaiian islands.

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