Hawaii Helicopter Tours Doors Off: How They’re Different and Where to Find Them

Hawaii Helicopter Tours Doors Off: How They’re Different and Where to Find Them

Hawaii helicopter tours doors off

If you’re looking for doors off helicopter tours in Hawaii, you know a good thing when you hear about one! Helicopter tours that fly with the doors off take soaring over the breathtaking islands to the next level. Feeling the wind rustle your hair as you fly over some of Hawaii’s most iconic sites allows you to experience the sweet aloha spirit of the islands. Here’s 10 reasons why taking a Hawaii helicopter tour with the doors off is the way to go:

Connect With Nature

Hawaiian’s have a special connection with and appreciation for nature. From riding the smooth waves of the cerulean blue sea, to embracing and respecting the land, the people of Hawaii engage fully with the beauty around them. Doors off helicopter tours enhance that connection to nature, letting you feel the breeze, rain, wind, and heat in the air!

Feel the Heat of the Volcanos

Many helicopter tours with the doors off fly over volcanoes! Hawaii’s big island is home to two of the island’s most active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. These volcanoes still spew lava and heat. If you’re taking a regular helicopter tour, you may be able to see the glowing red lava flowing over the surface of the volcanoes, cascading into the glistening ocean. However, if you take a helicopter tour with the doors off, you’ll be able to feel the heat rising from the volcano! You may even be able to hear the subtle whisper of the lava flowing. Feeling the heat rising and hearing the lava flowing takes your trip over the volcanoes to the next level.

Better Views

Helicopter tours with the doors off have better views than regular tours. It makes sense! While a regular helicopter may have plenty of space for you to look out of the window, doors off helicopter tours allow you to see everything, everywhere! You don’t have to worry about a smudge on the windows or anything obstructing your view of beautiful Hawaiian sights.

Where to Find Hawaii Helicopter Tours Doors Off

If you’re ready to book a doors off helicopter tour in Hawaii, look no further than Tropical Helicopters Doors-Off Over the Volcano tour! This island adventure departs from the Hilo airport and takes you 500 feet above the Kilauea volcano. But, that’s not the only volcano action you’ll get! Your pilot will take you to see Mauna Loa too!

The 45-minute tour also highlights the tropical rainforests of Puna and the waterfalls of North Hilo! The tour departs from Hilo airport each morning and afternoon. Because of the nature of the flight, hats are not permitted. But, be sure to bring a camera with a strap to take pictures during the flight! It’s also a good idea to dress warmly. The flights can be cool and windy!

Book your Doors Off Over the Volcano tour today and save $30 a seat! Your island adventure awaits!