Hawaii Volcano Helicopter Tour Reviews

Hawaii Volcano Helicopter Tour Reviews

hawaii volcano helicopter tour reviews

Tropical Helicopters has taken hundreds of eager travelers out into the blue Hawaiian skies since 1997. Since then, we’ve heard countless stories from our passengers about their memorable experiences. Here are just a few Hawaii volcano helicopter tour reviews we’ve gotten!

Doors-Off Lava Tour

 helicopter reviewersThis tour is totally amazing – a must see for anyone visiting Hilo. The doors off opens up some incredible opportunities…aerial photos of lava, plus feeling the heat of an active volcano. If you’re debating taking this tour, take it! You won’t regret it.” – Bob & Cheryl


helicopter reviewer“Going no-doors is unforgettable! Feeling the heat of lava isn’t something you do every day. Plus, this tour was about so much more than the volcano. The views we got were spectacular. The pilot made sure everyone got to see the same things from several perspectives. We saw macadamia farms, Hilo’s harbor, Rainbow Falls, the Kilauea Volcano (we were fortunate to see molten lava streams – it was incredible to watch the lava flow into the ocean. It is unpredictable to know in advance what the flows will look like on any given day). It is cold up in the Hilo skies, so definitely wear long pants, socks, and a long-sleeve jacket!” – Braylen

helicopter reviewer“Loved the tour! Doors off is really adds a whole new dimension to the experience.” – Hank

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Hawaii Circle Island Experience

hawaii helicopter

helicopter reviewBeautiful lifetime experience!! Craters, lava, rainbows & waterfalls… Everything that’s beautiful about nature brought into one tour experience. Absolutely incredible!” – Allie


helicopter reviewers“I was a little concerned that we would feel rushed on the tour, but our pilot was great and took a lot of time to show us the unique sights of the island. Highly recommended.” – Rhonda & Steve


helicopter reviewer“The diversity of the island is amazing, and you really get to see it all on this tour. A fantastic journey with an A+ pilot. Thank you!” – Lia

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O’ahu Island Adventure

helicopter reviewer“I would highly recommend this to anybody visiting Oahu, and especially if you’re a Magnum PI fan! We took the Oahu Adventure tour in the “Magnum Chopper”, and I could not have been more satisfied. Staff was friendly and courteous. There was ample time for pictures with the chopper both before and after the tour. And, the tour itself was amazing!” – Liz


reviewers“We went in a shark cage, laid on the beach, went scuba diving…and this helicopter tour was our best experience in Hawaii! The flight offered up everything we wanted to see. Mahalo!” – Mindy & Mike



helicopter review“We booked the O‘ahu Adventure experience on a recent family vacation. It was incredible! Booking it was easy, follow up and information provided was handled incredibly well, the safety briefing was helpful, and the actual flight was amazing. It was a wonderful way to see Oahu, its sights, and its beauty. My family loved the overall experience.” – John

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