Helicopter Tour Hilo – Your Flight Options

Helicopter Tour Hilo – Your Flight Options

helicopter tour hilo

Taking a helicopter tour of Hilo, Hawaii will be one of the best decisions you make about your trip to the islands. You can experience the breathtaking northwestern side of Hawaii island from the air, taking in the fabulous waterfalls, lush rainforests and blossoming gardens.

Hawaii is beautiful any way you look at it, but seeing the island from the sky gives you a perspective that few people see.

Hilo covers about 58 square miles of Hawaii Island. You have all kinds of flight options for your helicopter tour over Hilo. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can see Hilo from the sky:

Doors-Off Over The Volcano

You will feel the heat radiating from the open vents of Kilaueu Volcano on this exciting, helicopter experience. With the doors off, you’ll have stellar views of the most iconic, jaw-dropping sights in Hilo. Tropical Helicopters offers a discounted doors-off over the volcano tour daily! The tour flies you over the jaw dropping waterfalls of North Help, the tropical rainforests of Puna, and over the current volcanic activity at Kilauea. You’ll have about 45 minutes in the air to enjoy this incredible ride.

This tour is perfect for people excited about seeing lava from Kilauea.

Here’s a look at what people said about Tropical Helicopter’s doors-off over the volcano tour:

Going no-doors is unforgettable! Feeling the heat of lava isn’t something you do every day. Plus, this tour was about so much more than the volcano. The views we got were spectacular. The pilot made sure everyone got to see the same things from several perspectives. We saw macadamia farms, Hilo’s harbor, Rainbow Falls, the Kilauea Volcano (we were fortunate to see molten lava streams – it was incredible to watch the lava flow into the ocean. It is unpredictable to know in advance what the flows will look like on any given day). -Braylen

This tour is totally amazing – a must see for anyone visiting Hilo. The doors off opens up some incredible opportunities…aerial photos of lava, plus feeling the heat of an active volcano. If you’re debating taking this tour, take it! You won’t regret it. –Bob & Cheryl

Volcano Tour with land, waterfall exploration

Hilo’s waterfalls will take your breath away from the sky. Some tours allow you to swim, kayak or paddle under one of the island’s gorgeous waterfalls. These tours generally involve about 45 minutes in the helicopter and about two and a half hours exploring in the water and on the ground.

This type of tour will make people who want to see breathtaking sights from both the land and the air smile.

Full Island tour, including Hilo

Though Hilo is a beautiful part of Hawaii’s big island, some tours highlight the entire main island. These tours generally last right around two hours and fly over some of the island’s purest natural attractions.

Full island tours can be around double the price of other helicopter tours that focus on Hilo. Still, these tours are ideal for anybody wanting to spend as much time in the sky as they can.

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