Top 5 Helicopter Tours in Big Island of Hawaii

Top 5 Helicopter Tours in Big Island of Hawaii

helicopter tours on the big island of hawaii

The Big Island, otherwise known as the Island of Hawaii, is the youngest and largest island out of the Hawaiian island chain. Traveling across this island allows visitors to experience almost every climate zone on Earth! Whether you take one of the stunning helicopter tours on the Big Island of Hawaii or travel on foot, the sights are sure to be unforgettable.

If seeing the island from above is on your Hawaii bucket list, then we’ve got your back! Check out some of the top helicopter tours on the Big Island of Hawaii listed below to make your vacation fantastic.

Top Helicopter Tours on the Big Island of Hawaii

1. Tropical Helicopters

helicopter tours on the big island of hawaii

Founded in 1997, Tropical Helicopters has been bringing breathtaking views to visitors of the Big Island with their tours. The helicopter tours company offers three thrilling tours that cover the sprawling Big Island.

Just like the island, Tropical Helicopters tours of the Big Island offer a wide variety of experience. For example, you can take a doors-off lava tour above the volcanoes that shaped the island itself. Depending on the latest lava activity, occasionally, you may get to see and feel that legendary volcanic heat!

In addition to some incredible lava tours, you can take the first-ever Kohala Valleys tour. On this tour, you get to see not only the lush valleys of Kohala but also the birthplace of King Kamehameha, who united the Hawaiian Islands.

If you want to see the entire island, from the famous Kona Coffee Belt to Hawaii’s quaint towns and majestic rainforest, then the only full circle island tour of the Big Island is a must!


2. Paradise Helicopters

helicopter tours on the big island of hawaii

Paradise Helicopters is renowned as one of the best locally owned and operated helicopter tours on the Big Island. Thanks to the company’s many relationships in the community, your tour experience is an authentic piece of Hawaiian culture.

With a wide variety of options, there is a lot to experience from Paradise Helicopters Big Island tours. For example, you can take their Big Island Expedition, which departs from the Kona Airport and learn the rich history and culture of Hilo town.

Plus, Paradise Helicopters has tours that the whole family can enjoy with their Family Helicopter Ride & Zipline tour! Not only do you get a helicopter tour of the island narrated by expert pilots, but you get to zip line over Hawaii’s breathtaking scenery afterward.


3. Hawaii Volcano Expeditions

big island helicopter tours

A trip to the Big Island isn’t complete without taking in the volcanoes that Hawaii is famous for. With Hawaii Volcano Expeditions, you can see sights like Mauna Kea, which is the tallest mountain on the Big Island!

The helicopter tour company also offers some unique volcano tours. For example, Hawaii Volcano Expeditions offers flights over Kilauea as well as spectacular views of the Lush rainforests in Puna.


4. Sunshine Helicopters

Thanks to just how big the Big Island of Hawaii is, there is a vast canvas of beautiful natural scenery to witness.

Sunshine Helicopters was founded with the mission to share the beautiful islands in Hawaii with everyone. This helicopter tour company provides tours of the Kohala mountains and tropical valleys of the island.

Additionally, Sunshine Helicopters lets you start your day off right with an early bird helicopter tour of the Big Island that is sure to leave you amazed!


5. Safari Helicopters

Safari Helicopters brings 30 years of experience in the air to their helicopter tours on the Big Island of Hawaii. If you’re planning on visiting the Volcano National Park on the Big Island, let Safari Helicopters be your ride! This volcano tour takes you through the story of the Big Island’s creation thanks to Hawaii’s magnificent volcanoes.


Make Your Vacation to the Big Island Unforgettable!

Your Big Island vacation experience should be an adventure! Experience the Big Island of Hawaii like never before—from the seat of a helicopter.

With so many amazing helicopter tours on the Big Island of Hawaii, there is something for everyone. All in all, you should make your vacation to Hawaii relaxing and something to remember for years to come.

To learn more about the unbelievable helicopter tours of the Big Island offered by Tropical Helicopters, contact them today at (866) 961-6810!