How Safe are Helicopters in Hawaii?

How Safe are Helicopters in Hawaii?

how safe are helicopters

When looking for exciting things to do on your trip to Hawaii, helicopter tours are likely high on your list! Naturally, though, you may be wondering just how safe are helicopters in Hawaii, whether it’s your first ride or one of many.

Although there have been helicopter accidents in the past, this number is for any helicopter ride across the globe. Plus, the rate of these accidents has steadily decreased over the years as helicopter safety has dramatically improved!

Riding in a helicopter might seem a little daunting at first, but rest assured, your safety is our number one priority at Tropical Helicopters!

To answer the question, “How safe are helicopters?”  we’ve put together the following helicopter safety tips and fact list.

How Safe Are Helicopters in Hawaii?

Tropical Helicopters and Pilots

helicopters in hawaiiThere are plenty of types of helicopters, but Tropical Helicopters flies only the best.

The two types of helicopters we use are the McDonnell Douglas 500—just like the famous helicopter from Magnum P.I! This helicopter’s seating allows for everyone to get a much-desired window seat.

The second helicopter that we use is the Bell 407, which has executive seating similar to a limousine. The aircraft can seat up to 6 passengers, with seating that lets you talk with your fellow riders during the tour.

Our tours are led by experienced pilots who are trained to ensure your safety and enjoyment. To elaborate, we make sure our pilots narrate tours with in-depth Hawaiian knowledge, but they must pass a Flight Inspection Operations flight check.

Even more, to make sure our pilots stay up-to-date on flight techniques, we bring in outside professional instructors each year as well!

Passenger Safety and Helicopter Rides

packing what to wear on helicopterAs a passenger, there are ways you can make sure your helicopter ride is safe.

It is important to know what to expect from the tour you choose. Certain tours are doors-off to give you a better view of the landscape you’re flying over. The safety requirements for this type of tour will be a little different from a trip that isn’t doors-off.

For example, a doors-off helicopter tour may have a specific dress code to protect you and others. It may seem surprising, but knowing what to wear on a helicopter ride does matter.

Some good helicopter clothing options include durable jeans instead of delicate sweats or shorts. In addition, it’s not a bad idea to bring a scarf or jacket because it can get pretty chilly while in the air!

Check with your tour guide or company to make sure you know any important information before your flight.

Helicopter Safety Reminders

how safe are helicopters seatbeltsLast but certainly not least, let’s go over some general helicopter safety reminders before you get ready to soar above Hawaii.

While on your helicopter ride, make sure to protect your hearing! This is done by wearing the headset provided to you on your tour. Plus, this headset lets you talk to those around you, including the pilot.

Another important reminder is always to use your seatbelt. It’s there for a reason, after all!

Before any flight, rules or requirements will be shared with you. If you have any questions then or during the trip, ask your pilot.

Have a Safe and Sound Vacation in Hawaii!

All in all, when you take your vacation to Hawaii, you want to have the best time. So, making sure you have a safe time is just as important!

Now that you know just how safe the helicopters in Hawaii are, you can have an amazing vacation.

Whether you want to feel Hawaii’s heat on our Volcano Helicopter tour or see the lush sights of Ko Olina, you know how to enjoy your flight to its fullest—in safety and style!

To make the most of your trip to Hawaii—while still staying safe—check out some of the unique tours for Oahu and The Big Island that we at Tropical Helicopters are proud to offer.