How To Save Money On A Trip To Hawaii

How To Save Money On A Trip To Hawaii

how to save money on a trip to Hawaii

If you’re headed for Hawaii soon, it’s best to watch your wallet. Needlessly overpriced activities, hotels and restaurants will make your funds vanish in no time at all — so once you hit the Aloha State, seek out discounts. That’s why we compiled a list of tips for how to save money on a trip to Hawaii.

How To Save Money On A Trip To Hawaii

Only pay for discounted tours.

One of the best discount helicopter tours in Hawaii is Tropical Helicopters. Whether you want to soar with the doors off over a volcano or take a whole circle tour of the island, you have options — and you’ll save money! Other Hawaiian helicopter tours — which offer some of the same experiences — fail to help you get a sweet deal on a ride. There are plenty of discounts you can find while in Hawaii, so try to stick to apps like Groupon to get the most bang for your buck.

Avoid costly restaurants.

A great way to enjoy a cheap meal in Hawaii is by picking up food at a grocery store. Then, have a picnic on the beach! Not only do you save money, but you’ll also take in the scenery around you during a romantic, relaxing meal. When you’re out and about, pack snacks to avoid the temptation of stopping at a restaurant.

You can also find local Groupon deals to save money on restaurant outings while you’re vacationing. For more tips on how to save money when dining out, check out Whether it might mean opting for cheaper meals at your hotel, eating local, enjoying beach picnics, or choosing a hotel room with a kitchen area, you have a wealth of tips for how to save money on a trip to Hawaii!

Seek out any cost-cutting airfare to the Hawaiian Islands.

TripAdvisor, Kayak, Expedia and other travel sites can provide the best deals on Hawaiian vacations and flights. Mobile apps such as Hopper or Skyscanner are useful for immediate phone alerts regarding the top deals on your target arrival and departure dates. You might even consider visiting Hawaii during an off-season timeframe, in order to snag the best discounts.

Look for less pricey hotel deals. offers some excellent packages on Hawaii vacation discounts. Check out some of their offerings, including specific island packages, or flight/hotel combo savings. For instance, the Royal Lahaina Special includes their resort package ($359 per night, complete with the whole nine yards: a luau, dinner cruise, daily breakfast, gorgeous seaside views and more).

And remember: if you find you’re spending far too much money on souvenirs for the kids… you can always resort to beach combing! Seashells make for excellent reminders of your Hawaiian vacation.

What other tips for how to save money on a trip to Hawaii do you have? Let us know!

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