How To See Sacred Falls Hawaii

How To See Sacred Falls Hawaii

How To See Sacred Falls Hawaii (Hint: Fly)

How To See Sacred Falls Hawaii 

There are many amazing landmarks and natural wonders to see in Hawaii. Although we think seeing Hawaii from the air is the best view there is, many spots on Hawaii are also accessible by foot, boat or car. However, there are some jaw-dropping locations in Hawaii that are only accessible by helicopter, and one of these places is Sacred Falls.

About Sacred Falls:

Sacred Falls is a gorgeous 80-foot cascade of water that flows between two steep mountain peaks, landing in a pool of ice-cold water. Surrounding the falls are the lush, green walls of Kaluanui valley, making the view of the water even more stunning. The view of the falls from a helicopter is amazing, and provides perspective for just how beautiful this waterfall is in context to the greenery around it.

The Legend:

Ancient Hawaiians referred to Sacred Falls as Kaliuwa‘a, which is the Hawaiian equivalent to “leaking canoe.” This valley gets its name from a story about a demigood named Kamapua‘a. This devious Polynesian demigod could take the shape of both a man and a pig (or a herd of pigs). The ability of turning into a pig helped him to raid local villages of food and supplies. Folklore tells that he escaped into the Kaliuwa‘a valley, his pig-shape allowing him to get away from the local villagers.

The History:

Sacred Falls is permanently closed. The trail used to be accessible to hikers. However,  after a terrible landslide that killed eight people and injured over 30 others, the trail closed. It has not reopened since 1999.

Even though Sacred Falls trail is permanently closed, many people still attempt to climb up to the falls. There have been many injuries at Sacred Falls. Besides the physical risk of the falls, there is a very hefty fine that is given to anyone caught trying to hike this dangerous trail.

How To See The Falls:

The best way to see Kaliuwa‘a is from the window of a helicopter. This the safest way to see this amazing spot on Oahu’s westwind shore. It also gives you the best view of the falls as well as the Kaliuwa’a valley.

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