5 Beautiful Kohala Waterfalls to Explore

5 Beautiful Kohala Waterfalls to Explore

kohala waterfalls

When traveling to the island of Hawaii, seeing the beauty of its waterfalls is a must! With over 100 Hawaiian waterfalls across the islands, we are well known for this natural landmark.

Some of Hawaii’s most breathtaking waterfalls are found right here on the Big Island. The Kohala waterfalls take their name from the surrounding volcano and valleys. In fact, the Kohala volcano is said to be the oldest on the island—so old that it was around for the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field!

Luckily, there are a lot of waterfalls on the Kohala coast for you to see. To get you excited about visiting this lush piece of Hawaiian nature, check out some of the Kohala waterfalls you can see below!

Kohala Waterfalls to Explore in Hawaii

Waiulili Waterfall

kohala waterfallsWaiulili waterfall is one of the Kohala waterfalls that gently descend into the ocean.

Because of this, some who’ve trekked to see the Waiuilili waterfall say it appears much shorter than it is.

Thus, the best way to see this waterfall is from above, of course!

From the seat of a Kohala waterfalls helicopter tour, you can be in awe of the true beauty of the Waiulili waterfall.

Hi’ilawe Waterfall

kohala waterfallsOn the eastern side of the Kohala mountains is one of the larger valleys, known as Waipi’o Valley or “The Valley of Kings.” Home to the Waipi’o river, the name of this valley means “curved water” in the Hawaiian language!

The river isn’t the only great body of water in this valley. The Waipi’o Valley also has the Hi’ilawe Waterfall. This waterfall is one of the most beautiful Kohala waterfalls to see!

The Hi’ilawe Waterfall is said to be the tallest waterfall in Hawaii! The cascading waters of Hi’ilawe Waterfall are around 1,600 feet tall.

Big Island Waterfalls Near Kohala Valley

Kohala waterfalls are some of the best waterfalls to see from the air. Plus, the island of Hawaii has more waterfalls to explore nearby!

After your adventure in the sky, you probably want to find some waterfalls to see up close as well. Luckily, there are some fantastic waterfalls you can see from the air and the ground for a unique experience!

Rainbow Waterfall

rainbow waterfall hawaiiRainbow Waterfall, also known as the Waiānuenue Falls, makes for a great morning relaxation spot! As the name suggests, there’s a good chance that you may get to see rainbows arching over the falls when you visit.

In addition, the Rainbow Falls tumble over a lava cave, where legend says the moon goddess Hina lives.

After you see historic Kohala waterfalls from above, hiking to the top of the Rainbow Falls should be your next big adventure!

Umauma Waterfall

umauma fallsThe Umauma Falls are about 16 miles outside of Hilo, one of the many beautiful towns on the Big Island. After seeing the Rainbow Falls in Hilo, you can make your way to the stunning Umauma waterfall.

Umauma waterfall is unique thanks to its structure because its a staircase waterfall. In other words, you get to see several mini-waterfalls that make up the larger Umauma Falls!

BONUS Waterfall! ‘Akaka Waterfall

'akaka fallsFinally, at the ‘Akaka Falls State Park, you can walk to not one but two beautiful waterfalls.

As you make your way through the verdant rainforest, you come across the first of the park’s waterfalls, Kahuna Falls–a beautiful, 100-foot tall waterfall.

As you continue on the park’s path, you’ll come across the towering ‘Akaka Falls. These falls are an astonishing 442 feet tall!

In addition, you can see the strength of Hawaiian waterfalls in how the rock around ‘Akaka Falls has eroded over time.

Go With the Flow When Visiting Hawaii!

All in all, these are just a handful of picturesque Hawaiian waterfalls you can visit when you come to Hawaii.

To make the most of your Hawaiian sightseeing, you should consider checking out these waterfall spots.

With unforgettable waterfalls you can only see from a helicopter and more, there is nothing like seeing Hawaii’s nature for yourself!