Last Minute Vacation Deals | Tropical Helicopters

Last Minute Vacation Deals | Tropical Helicopters

last minute vacation deals

Last Minute Vacation Deals

Whether you’re planning a trip next year or next week, last minute vacation deals can save you money, allowing you to do more for less. From expensive ticket items like flights, to less expensive purchases like food, there are lots of great ways to save money on your vacation. Here are a few of the best deals we could find:


Possibly the most dreaded purchase of any vacation, flights are always a sure way to lose a couple hundred dollars. But before you give up all hope and push “purchase” on that overpriced flight that looks like it’s the cheapest option, look at flight comparison sites to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Sites like Expedia, Kayak and Cheapflights typically offer flights at a lower rate, and sometimes have great last minute deals that could save you a signifiant amount of money!


There are tons of options to choose from when deciding where to stay on the islands of Hawaii! If you’re looking for a more traditional hotel experience, places like TripAdvisor and Groupon typically have good week-of deals for hotels. If you’re hoping to have a more unique island experience (like staying in a tree house or overlooking the ocean in an airstream), Airbnb is a great way to rent a room or house and can be cheaper than booking a hotel.

Helicopter Tours:

Don’t forget about booking the best part of your vacation: site seeing! There’s no better way to see the Islands of Hawaii than from a helicopter. Whether you’re hoping to see the entire island of Oahu or the hot lava spewing from the Kīlauea Volcano, booking a helicopter tour is something you don’t want to miss; especially if it’s discounted! Tropical Helicopters can save you up to $60 a seat, depending on the tour you choose. Seeing Hawaii from the air while saving money? You can’t beat that.


Vacation food is typically a non-planned expense of vacation, and can easily add up if you aren’t keeping close tabs on your purchases. Groupon for Hawaiian restaurants is a great way to experience any type of cuisine you want, from Hawaiian shaved ice to a four-course meal, while saving a few bucks!


Buying a vacation package that includes transportation, hotels and flights can sometimes be the easier and cheaper way to plan a trip. Though it’s not guaranteed to give you the best deals, places like Costco Travel, TripAdvisor and have some travel deals that are worth considering!


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