Must See: Doors Off Kohala Helicopter Tour

Must See: Doors Off Kohala Helicopter Tour

Say Aloha to the First & Only Doors-off Tour Deep Into the Heart of the Kohala Valleys

While there is no shortage of natural beauty in the Hawaiian islands, the Kohala Valleys on the Big Island deliver some of the most majestic sights in this tropical paradise. Originating from the impressive Kohala Volcano, these seven valleys offer up an amazing landscape and unique geography distinct to this region. Cut from rainwater erosion, the valleys are the epitome of the postcard-perfect lush gardens, stunning waterfalls, and scenic coastline that associated with Hawaii. Taking a Kohala helicopter tour is one of the best decisions you’ll make when visiting Hawaii, as you’ll be able to experience these stunning views from above!

What Makes Kohala Valleys so Interesting and Spectacular?

As the oldest volcano on the island of Hawaii, Kohala last erupted approximately 120,000 years ago. Kohala is located on the northern region of the island and is a highlight of many Big Island itineraries. It is believed that the famous King Kamehameha I was born in this area of the island. A shoreline trail connects many of the region’s most historic sights, providing a glimpse into the rich history and cultural heritage of the Northern Kohala Coast. Centuries ago, a massive landslide caused a section of the volcano to fall into the ocean. The results of this natural disaster were the famous sea cliffs that tourists enjoy today.

As the most northern of the valleys, the Pololū Valley is best known for its jaw-dropping lookout that offers sweeping views of the lush landscape and the steep cliffs that fall into the ocean waters. The Waipi’o Valley is the most visited of the seven valleys in large part because of its unique black sand beach. Its relative seclusion makes it a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the island. Many take advantage of the hiking opportunities in this paradisiacal area since it’s a great way to challenge the body and reward the soul with amazing views.

The remaining five valleys are named Honokāne Nui, Honokāne Iki, Honoke’a, Honopue, and Waimanu.

Doors-Off Over Kohala Valleys & Waterfalls. Book Today!

There is no better way to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Kohala Valleys than from high up in the air in a Kohala helicopter tour. Tropical Helicopters offers a variety of tours, conveniently departing both morning and afternoon from the Hilo Airport. This 30-minute Kohala helicopter tour will get you up close and personal with the grandeur of the Kohala Valleys, providing sweeping views and exceptional photo opportunities.

As the only doors-off Kohala helicopter tour, visitors will delight in this one-of-a-kind experience and Tropical Helicopters welcomes the opportunity to share this adventure with you. We invite you to call us at (866) 961-6810 today so that we can find the Kohala helicopter tour that best fits your Big Island travel itinerary. We look forward to welcoming you aboard. Aloha!