Off The Beaten Path Hawaii: Hidden Places to Visit

Off The Beaten Path Hawaii: Hidden Places to Visit

off the beaten path hawaii

Hawaii remains one of the most legendary destinations to vacation for domestic and international travelers alike. The key to making the most out of your vacation is to escape from the crowds you experience near the more popular tourist areas of each island. The lush state features plenty of hidden places to visit that are off the beaten path in Hawaii.

The majority of these locations are only accessible by helicopter, which makes for a very exclusive experience with your friends and family. When you are thinking about what to do when you visit the Hawaiian islands you should consider adventuring to one or more of these remote locations.

Here are the best-hidden places to visit that are off the beaten path in Hawaii:


off the beaten path hawaii kohala

As the most northern of the valleys, the Pololū Valley is best known for its jaw-dropping lookout that offers sweeping views of the lush landscape and the steep cliffs that fall into the ocean waters. The Waipi’o Valley is the most visited of the seven valleys in large part because of its unique black sand beach.

Its relative seclusion makes it a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the island. Many tourists take advantage of the hiking opportunities in this paradisiacal area since it’s a great way to challenge the body and reward the soul with amazing views.

Additionally, there is no better way to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Kohala Valleys than from high up in the air in a Kohala helicopter tour. Tropical Helicopters offers a variety of tours, conveniently departing both morning and afternoon from the Hilo Airport.

Sacred Falls

off the beaten path hawaii sacred falls

World famous Sacred Falls is a site of immense natural beauty. Hawaiian folklore tells of its creation by the mischievous demi-god, Kamapua‘a. This beautiful tranquil place is also home to the dangerous forces of mother nature and has been closed to the public since 1999.

Entering the Sacred Falls by foot is absolutely forbidden. Ruled illegal to trespass or hike by the Hawaiian State Government, Sacred Falls is only accessible by helicopter. Sacred Falls are known for being one of the most beautiful sites in Hawaii. However, because of the dangerous trail and falling rocks, the public has been banned from accessing the falls by foot.

The only way to see the impressive thousand-foot cascade of Sacred Falls now is by air! Not only can you see Sacred Falls safely from above, but you also get a birds-eye view of the entire island on Tropical Helicopter’s Discount Helicopter Tour.

Kīlauea Volcano


kilauea volcano

Picture this: You’re soaring over the lush landscape of Hawaii, over waterfalls, over palm trees, over colorful sand beaches. Then, a flicker of yellow catches your eye from the helicopter—it’s lava from the Kīlauea Volcano.

The Kīlauea Volcano is the youngest and most active volcano amongst the Hawaiian islands and in the world. It has had constant activity since 1983 and is showing no signs of sleeping any time soon.

You have the opportunity to see and feel the lava spewing from the volcano with Tropical Helicopter’s door off tour. Not only will you be able to see the enormous lava flows, but you will see a number of exciting sights along the way.

Tropical Rainforests of Puna

tropical rainforests of puna

Puna lies south of Hilo in the easternmost tip of the island. Puna is known for its geothermal baths, as well as for a wide array of stunning hikes and fantastic scenery. The tropical rainforests are particularly notorious for being lush, green, and absolutely breathtaking when viewed all at once in the air.

Flying over the Lava Tree State Monument, an area where lava previously flowed through forest leaving gorgeous molds in its path, will leave you speechless. Instead of dealing with the tourists below, you have a chance to see the entire rainforest in all it’s glory when you choose Tropical Helicopter’s Hawaii Circle Island Experience.

Find What’s Right For You

Since there is so much to experience on each island it can be tough to decide what to do on a daily basis. In order to find what is right for you make sure you do your research on what your friends and family want to prioritize while you are visiting Hawaii.

A Tropical Helicopters tour is the best way to take in the magic of the Hawaiian islands. From a birds-eye-view soaring over towering volcanoes, stunning coastlines, and majestic waterfalls, you will take in all of the beauty from the comfort of a premium helicopter tour. Tropical Helicopters has five convenient locations on Oahu and the Big Island, that enable you to find a tour to suit all of your needs. Book your tour today so that you get the best choice of dates and times. We look forward to making your Hawaiian adventure all that you ever dreamed it would be!

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