Oahu From Above: Take a Pearl Harbor Helicopter Tour

Oahu From Above: Take a Pearl Harbor Helicopter Tour

pearl harbor helicopter tour

Those who have visited well-known tourist spots know how frustrating it can feel to navigate the crowds, find a good viewing spot, and try to get the most out of the experience. With the amount of history and beauty Pearl Harbor has to offer, you won’t want to miss a thing.

As of May 2018, the USS Arizona Memorial is closed to visitors, which leaves few options to view the fallen battleship from above. However, a bird’s eye view from the sky is possible through an airplane ride or helicopter tour. Here are a few options to explore the World War II memorial, including a Pearl Harbor helicopter tour to get the full picture!

Admiral’s Warbird Adventure

private pearl harbor tourCompany: Pearl Harbor Warbirds

Duration: 2 Hours

Ever wonder what it was like back in 1941? This hands-on tour lets you suit up in authentic WW2 era flight gear before boarding the authentically replicated Warbird. Then, the pilot will take you on the same flight routes of the Japanese attackers on that Day of Infamy. This includes flying over Wheeler, Kāne‘ohe and Bellows battlefields. You will also see the aerial views of Pearl Harbor and the gorgeous O’ahu coasts.

On this flight, you will have approximately 45-50 minutes of flight time. During this time, you will be a passenger on the U.S. Navy SNJ (AT-6) airplane. This tour will take you back in time to gain a newfound appreciation for history.

Customers give their honest reviews to tell what great experiences Pearl Harbor Warbirds offers.

“Pearl Harbor Warbirds takes you back in time. It gives you a chance to immerse yourself in history with an experience like no other”

— Jennifer AR.

Another customer, Corrine P. shared her father-in-law’s experience:

“My father-in-law truly enjoyed himself and was visibly moved by the whole experience. He kept saying that it was one of the best experiences he’s had and will remember for the rest of his life!”

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O‘ahu Island Adventure

oahu helicopter tourCompany: Tropical Helicopter

Duration: 60 Minutes

During the O’ahu Island Adventure tour, you’ll be flying for approximately 60 minutes. The tour takes you in an MD500 helicopter. And don’t worry about missing a thing — all the seats are window seats!

Throughout the flight you’ll witness several historic sights. Kaliuwa‘a, Ka’a’awa Valley, Lē‘ahi, Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor, and a low-level flight off the shores of Waikīkī are a part of the itinerary.

This is a narrated tour that allows for great communication between the pilot and the flyers. Not only is it a wonderful experience for you, but also all family members. That’s because the O’ahu Island Adventure is suitable for adults, children, and seniors. Individuals of all physical ability are able to participate.

These 5-star reviews give a glimpse of what to expect. John says,

“We booked the O‘ahu Adventure experience on a recent family vacation. It was incredible! Booking it was easy, follow up and information provided was handled incredibly well, the safety briefing was helpful, and the actual flight was amazing. It was a wonderful way to see Oahu, its sights, and its beauty. My family loved the overall experience”.

In agreement, Mike and Mindy had their own refreshing review,

“We went in a shark cage, laid on the beach, went scuba diving…and this helicopter tour was our best experience in Hawaii! The flight offered up everything we wanted to see. Mahalo!”

What a heartwarming way to make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

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The best souvenir you can take back home is memories. The fun begins when deciding whether a historical reenactment flight tour or a Pearl Harbor helicopter tour is the best fit for you. You can always visit Pearl Harbor’s museums and sites on foot, but only an aerial view can give you the full picture of how the infamous day in history played out.