Planning A Trip To Hawaii On A Budget

Planning A Trip To Hawaii On A Budget

Planning A Trip To Hawaii On A Budget

Planning A Trip To Hawaii On A Budget

Who said your Hawaii trip needs to drain your pockets to be memorable? At Tropical Helicopters, our tours are all currently discounted and retain the authentic experience of witnessing Hawaii from above. This way, you can still experience the beauty of the islands without sacrificing big bucks! How else can you budget your Hawaii trip? We have you covered!

Here are a few tips on Planning A Trip To Hawaii On A Budget:

Discounted Helicopter Tours

Tropical Helicopters offers gorgeous views of Hawaii from the sky for now discounted prices! Our four famed helicopter tours are marked down so anyone can enjoy the beauty of the islands. For just $30 off a seat, Our Doors-Off Over the Volcano tour offers you an opportunity to soar only 500 feet above the flowing lava of the Kīlauea Volcano. Our most popular tour, Hawaii Circle Island, is currently $50 off a seat, and features 10 of 13 of the world’s climate zones, as well as five volcanoes, including the active and erupting Kilauea Volcano. Don’t miss this sweet opportunity to experience Hawaii for a steal!

Dine at Food Trucks

Instead of eating out at overpriced restaurants every night, why not grab a bite to eat at one of Hawaii’s famed food trucks? Oahu’s North Shore is famous not only for its wild waves, but for its food trucks. Take a break from surfing and exploring the island and indulge in something delicious and inexpensive.

Stay with Airbnb

Booking a room for a single night at a fancy Hawaiian hotel can cost hundreds of dollars. Opt instead for booking with Airbnb. This way, you can tailor your place of stay to your needs, whether you need a whole house for a whole family, or a single room for a solo trip.


Hawaii is known for its beautiful nature. Hiking through most places, except for national parks, is absolutely free! Trek through the gorgeous nature to find a peace of mind, and get a great workout in the process!

Public Transit

The public transit bus system can take you around the whole island of Oahu in less than a day. Called “TheBus,” it is easy to understand, and readily available. Buy a pass for the length of your stay, and save gas and rental car money.

Royal Hawaiian Centre Free Cultural Programming

The Royal Hawaiian Centre is one of Hawaii’s largest malls in the centre of Waikiki. Part of their mission is to ensure excellence in Hawaiian performing. They offer complimentary classes Monday-Saturday in arts such as lei making, hula, lauhala weaving, ukulele playing, etc. Live entertainment plays Tuesday-Saturday.

Don’t let your budget compromise the amount of fun you have! Schedule with Tropical Helicopters today!

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Tropical Helicopters is a reseller of Discount Helicopter Tours across Hawaii. We presently sell helicopters tours that depart out of these areas: Ko Olina (Oahu), North Shore (Oahu), Hilo (Hawaii Island), Kona (Hawaii Island). Please visit us from time to time as we grow our offerings. Contact us at (866) 961-6810 to book your reservations with Tropical Helicopters today.