The Best Hawaii Travel Blog Articles of 2018

The Best Hawaii Travel Blog Articles of 2018

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When traveling to Hawaii, people will often turn to the internet for research and information. As they should, there’s plenty of great tips and tricks out there for traveling to Hawaii! Our only tip on this is to make sure that the information you are looking at is current, and honest. To help in your search, we have compiled the best Hawaii travel blog articles of 2018! Read on for our favorite adventures, and island fun!

  1. Favorite Hawaiian Sayings

    Traditional words of wisdom are one of our favorite things, no matter the culture. These are some of our favorite inspirational Hawaiian sayings to live by. We believe that they hold a little truth for everyone. Take a few minutes to read, and think about, them and let us know your thoughts!

  2. What Type Of Volcano Is Kilauea

    Volcanoes are one of the main features of the Hawaiian Islands, and a major draw for visitors. We love this blog post because it does a wonderful job of explaining the volcano, Kilauea. We highly advise this educational post if you are interested in volcanoes, or if you are planning a visit!

  3. What Nationality Visits Hawaii The Most

    Interested in tourism information? So are we, which is why we love this blog post. This post is a wonderful overview of where the highest numbers of visitors come from, and why they come.

  4. Helicopter Clothing: What To Wear For Doors Off Flights

    When packing for a tropical vacation, you don’t often think of what you should pack for a helicopter ride. Let alone a doors-off flight. This post will take you through what will be essential for an enjoyable doors off flight!

  5. Volcano National Park Helicopter Tour

    Visitors come to Hawaii for the tropical climate, and diverse landscape. There is no better place to really experience this, and the volcanic activity, than Volcano National Park. To truly get the full scope of the wonder of the volcano, a helicopter tour is a must. This post will take you through what a Volcano National Park Helicopter Tour would offer, and why you should definitely do it!

  6. When Was The Last Time Kilauea Erupted

    With the widespread news coverage that the eruptions in Hawaii have received in the past year, we wrote this post to give more clarifications on the eruption. In addition, the history of Kilauea’s eruptions are explained as well.

  7. Why Are There Volcanoes In Hawaii

    The reason for our islands existence, the volcanoes! This article explains why there are so many volcanoes in Hawaii, five total to be exact. It also outlines what type each are, and if they are active, dormant, or extinct.

  8. 10 Insane Hawaii Lava Videos

    One of our major features in Hawaii is our volcanoes, as we have mentioned many times. They are often active, and in various stages of eruption. This allows for some really awesome videos to be created, detailing the lava flows and the toll they can take on things. These are our top 10 favorite lava videos, and we cannot recommend a watch enough!

  9. How Many Volcanoes Are In Hawaii

    Another fabulous post about our bread and butter, our volcanoes! This post outlines how many volcanoes we have on the islands, as well as their types and how active they are. Definitely worth a read if you are considering visiting, or if you are interested in volcanoes.

  10. Blue Hawaiian vs Tropical Helicopters

    If you are interested in a helicopter tour while in Hawaii, we highly recommend giving this post a read. It is a great outline of the two options for a helicopter tour, their pros and and cons, and what we recommend.

These are some of our recommendations for best Hawaii travel blog articles for 2018, if you have any other great reads to recommend, let us know! For similar reads, take a look at these articles!