The Best Time to Visit Hawaii

The Best Time to Visit Hawaii

best time to visit hawaii

Before you begin planning and booking for your vacation in Hawaii, it’s important to first consider the factors that go into choosing the perfect date for your dream Hawaiian vacation. Visiting during the best time of the year will save you money, headaches, and be able to make the most of it. The following are the top three factors to consider when determining the best time to visit Hawaii:

Weather Considerations

Although the average temperatures in Hawaii do not vary greatly throughout the year, the amount of rainfall is something to consider when picking your travel dates. Hurricane season runs from July through October and this is when you will experience the greatest threat of severe weather. However, the overall rainiest season occurs during the winter months of November through March. If you are choosing to visit Hawaii during the winter months and want to reduce the chance of getting rained on, we would recommend choosing one of the historically driest parts of the islands such as Waikiki Beach in Oahu or the Kohala Coast of the Big Island.

If surfing or swimming is on your agenda, you may also want to consider the ocean conditions, which are closely tied to weather patterns. Many beaches in some parts of the islands will be too rough for swimming during the stormy winter months.

Crowd Considerations

For most of Hawaii, crowds are rarely a concern. Unless you are vacationing in Waikiki or parts of Maui, a Hawaiian vacation boasts incredible opportunities to experience solitude and relaxation. The busiest time of the year is the days leading up to Christmas and continuing until after the new year begins. The months of July and August are also high tourist season as families work a vacation into their summer schedule.

If you’re trying to avoid the crowds, May, September and October are traditionally the least busy months of the year to visit and the best time to visit Hawaii.

Price Considerations

Not surprisingly, the best time to find the greatest deals to travel to Hawaii closely corresponds with the peak crowd season. Peak season for pricing begins right before Christmas and ends after the first of the year. The peak summer prices are in June, July, and August. The high season of January, February, and March attract people trying to escape the cold, in addition to spring break crowds, making this an especially expensive time to visit.

The least expensive times to visit are the shoulder season months of April, May, September, October, and November, making it the best time to visit Hawaii based on price.

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