Things To Do in Hawaii for New Years

Things To Do in Hawaii for New Years

what to do in Hawaii for New Years

If you’re looking for things to do in Hawaii for New Years, you’ll find plenty of fun activities. Hawaii is a great place to welcome the New Year. Everyone wants the new year to bring joy, peace, abundance and amazing memories. What better place to set those intentions than in one of the most beautiful places in the world?

Many people flock to Hawaii for New Years to relax and bask in the islands’ aloha spirit. There’s nothing like seeing the fireworks burst in the clear blue sky as moonlight shines over the crisp blue sea.

Here’s a look at 4 Things to Do in Hawaii for New Years.

Attend a New Years Party

Even if you don’t go out on the town regularly, New Years Eve is the perfect excuse to get out on the dance floor and get moving. During New Years, you have so many parties to choose from! From large end-of-the-year bashes to to themed parties to casual beachfront gatherings, there’s a party for every personality – whether you’re an INTJ or ESTP (ala the Myers Briggs) – in Hawaii during New Years. Many of the parties feature good trucks, dancers, and great music! If parties aren’t your scene, you can check out one of the other exciting things to do in Hawaii for New Years.

Visit the Beach

Visiting the beach on New Years is a truly special experience. Even though you can visit the beach on any other day of the year, dipping your feet in the crisp water and feeling the warm sand between your toes feels different around New Years. Many people find that listening to the rustle of the waves helps them reflect on the year and express their hopes, dreams and plans for the coming year. Try it! Bring a journal or a piece of paper, find a quiet spot on the beach and write about your desires for the new year.

Watch a Fireworks Show

Watching fireworks in Hawaii during New Years is a must-do. Not only are the fireworks displays absolutely breathtaking, there’s also a lot of them! You can watch fireworks from the beach, from your hotel room, from the road and from almost anywhere on the islands. Bring a light jacket and be ready to see a show you’ll never forget.

Take a Helicopter Tour

Take a helicopter tour during your New Years vacation in Hawaii. Soaring over some of Hawaii’s most beautiful sights sets the perfect atmosphere for reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the new one.

Tropical Helicopters offers discounted helicopter tours on Oahu and Hawaii’s big island. Our Doors-Off Over the Volcano tour flies over the open vents of the Kilauea volcano! You’ll be able to feel the heat from the volcano before cooling off over the rainforests of Hilo.

If you’re interested in seeing the Kona and Kohala Coasts, Kealakekua Bay and Mauna Loa, one of the world’s largest volcanoes, from the sky, try our Hawaii Circle Island Experience. If you’ll be spending your days in Oahu, explore the island with our Oahu Island Adventure! Browse through our website for more details and book your tour today to get an amazing discount!