Things to Do in Kona Hawaii

Things to Do in Kona Hawaii

Things to do in Kona Hawaii

If you enjoy outdoor activities, don’t miss this Big Island hot spot. With crystal, clear water and optimal weather conditions, there’s access to outdoor activities like nowhere else. Those looking for things to do in Kona Hawaii won’t be disappointed.

The Kona District, located on the West side of the Big Island, isn’t just for adventurers. Views of vivid sunsets glowing over a never-ending expanse of ocean provide a romantic backdrop for couples on a getaway. Amateur and professional photographers alike will find spectacular photo-ops around every corner on Kona’s less crowded beaches and at historic sites.

Kailua Kona never runs short on activities for eager visitors. You’ll find everything from locally sourced farmers’ markets to volcano tours. Grab a local beer or Kona coffee, and sit back with your toes tucked into the white sand of Hawaii’s gorgeous beaches. For a bit more action, embark on a hike through the island’s lust forests. Things to do in Kona Hawaii are endless—discovering the district on ground is just the start. 

For a bit more thrilling and out-of-this-world experiences, you can enjoy Kona’s finest from air on a helicopter ride. 

Lava & Rainforests Adventure

Imagine looking down and seeing molten rock flowing beneath you. The helicopter blades spin loud and fast, keeping you safely above the oozing lava below. Take the doors off the helicopter and you have an even more exhilarating, first-hand experience.

If you’re the adventurous type, you won’t want to miss a Doors Off: Lava & Rainforest Adventure. As the heat radiates from the ground below, you’ll hold on tight to the Hughes 500 helicopter. With no boundaries left, there’s nothing blocking your view from the breathtaking sights. 

This is no doubt one of the most fun and exciting things to do in Kona Hawaii. It’s been called “the hottest helicopter ride on Earth” for good reason. You’ll hover over bubbling lava and open vents. It’s a sight you won’t want to miss. And once it’s over, you’ll head for a quick trip over Hilo’s lush rainforests. The plunging Wai‘ānuenue (Rainbow Falls) follows next on the journey, named after the countless rainbows seen in the area.

Hawaii Circle Island Experience

Hovering 500 feet above the ground isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (or Kona coffee). However, you don’t have to be an adventure-driven adrenaline junkie to enjoy helicopter tours. Another option to explore Kona by air is the Hawaii Full Circle Island Experience.

Did you know Hawaii is home to 10 of the planet’s 13 climate zones? You’ll fly over the famous Kona coffee belt and experience the diverse, colored beaches from up above. In addition, passengers will see five different volcanoes that have helped shaped the island over thousands of years. You’ll witness waterfalls and sheer cliff faces, too. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

This once-in-a-lifetime view of the island shows you a bit of everything Hawaii has to offer, from 2,500 foot waterfalls to majestic mountains.

You’ll finish the tour feeling connected to the area and ready to explore even more of the bustling island by foot.

Discover the most exhilarating things to do in Kona Hawaii

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