Top 11 Unusual Things To Do In Oahu

Top 11 Unusual Things To Do In Oahu

Unusual Things To Do In Oahu

Tired of the overcrowded tourist attractions in Oahu? Want to go on a REAL adventure? We have compiled a list of the most unusual things to do while you visit Oahu. Take a look and escape the crowds today!

Here are the Coolest Unusual Things To Do In Oahu

Shark encounters

Ever dream of swimming with the sharks? Oahu has multiple businesses that offer shark encounters, where you are dropped into the ocean and get to experience the sea with the sharks. For the slightly less adventurous, there are also options to be dropped in a cage and witness the sharks behind a glass barrier. Why not add this unique experience to make your trip to Oahu even more memorable?

Ghost Tours

Interested in the supernatural? Oahu offers a few ghost tours through various historical sites. A tour guide will take you through different places, offering stories as well as information about the location. You will have an opportunity to take pictures of the orb lights, which people claim are ghosts.

Helicopter Tour

On our Doors-Off Over The Volcano Tour, you will be able to feel the heat rising from the volcano (if you’re lucky). You will have to contact us to find out if there is any lava flows that you will be able to see while on our tour. The helicopter tour will also take you over the rainforests and beaches of the island. Hawaii is home to some unique beaches, including green, white and black sand beaches. This is by far one of the best unusual things to do in Oahu!

Punchbowl Crater

Punchbowl Crater is an extinct volcanic tuff cone home to Honolulu, as well as the location of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. This is a wonderful place to visit if you are interested in a sentimental piece of history. Pay your respects to our fallen soldiers and those lost in the war, and visit this memorial atop a piece of land with strong historical significance.

Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace was the household of the Hawaiian monarchy and is beautifully restored to its original beauty today. Contemplate the consequences of western imperialism while exploring the palace grounds. The palace is now open to the public, and, in addition, has been a center of controversy in the past decade. Why not see the palace for yourself?

Mount Tantalus

If you’re looking for a leisurely drive, taking the 9 or 10-mile loop up Mount Tantalus to see the overview of Waikiki might be the activity for you. The lookout is a great way to see the gorgeous city lights and also the urban landscape. Bring up some food and blankets and make the occasion into a fun picnic!

Skydive Above the North Shore

Why not jump out of a plane at 13,000+ feet above the beautiful blue water and rocky coastline of the North Shore. Skydiving will give you a large dose of adrenaline, but you’ll get to see the island from a unique perspective. Don’t worry, you won’t be jumping by yourself. All of the skydiving companies in the North Shore offer tandem jumps so you can feel safe jumping with a professional.

Parasail at Waikiki


Unusual Things To Do In Oahu

One of the best ways to appreciate the sheer beauty of the island is 1,200 feet above the water. While you are up there, you’ll notice how quiet your flight is. The perfect time to parasail is around sunset so you can enjoy the beautiful colors from up high, looking down on the city. You can opt to parasail by yourself, with another person, or in a threesome.

Jam on a Moped Around the Island

Picture this, the wind is blowing through your hair, you look to your right and you are cruising along the coast, you see the perfect beach to cool off in and you decide to take a dip before you head back on the road. This is what you can experience when you rent a moped for a couple of hours. The best route to take is along the coast because you are able to drive along the edge of massive cliffs. Also, you might spot a secluded beach where you can enjoy your time rather than being around massive crowds of people.

Jetpack in the Water

Another unusual thing to do in Oahu is this new activity called jetpacking. Soar 30 feet above the water with a water-propelled jetpack after you complete a small course by a certified instructor. You are taught how to use the jetpack and the best practices so you are safe when operating the device. You will also be shown how to walk on water, deep-water landings, elevation control, and steering. It is important to note that you do not need any previous experience to operate the device.

Boose Cruise on a Catamaran

Let your hair down and get wild on a lovely catamaran along the Waikiki coastline. You can enjoy unlimited beer, wine, and house-made mai tais while you enjoy the ride with your friends and loved ones. Along your ride be sure to keep an eye out for surfers the occasional dolphin, and sea turtles. If you’re there during the right time you might even see a whale breach the surface. The catamaran typically holds 50 people and you can expect to be out there for 90 minutes.

Add these activities to your Hawaii itinerary, as well as a helicopter ride with Tropical Helicopter, and have a trip you will never forget! We offer tours in Oahu as well as Hawaii.

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