Top Hawaii Waterfall Helicopter Tours

Top Hawaii Waterfall Helicopter Tours

top Hawaii waterfall helicopter tours

Helicopter tours feature some of the most stunning scenery in all of Hawaii. When planning your trip to the gorgeous islands, make sure you’re fitting in a trip soaring through the air. Waterfalls are a must-see on your trip, and you’ll be sure to want the perfect view! Lucky for you, we have compiled some of our favorite tours!

Here’s a list of some of our top Hawaii waterfall helicopter tours!

O’ahu Island Adventure

The O’ahu Island Adventure from Tropical Helicopters is a must-do excursion. At a discounted price, you can witness the beauty of the Kaliuwa‘a Falls. This waterfall is inaccessible by land, as it is considered sacred ground full of spiritual energy. You can save $62/seat on this ride–who says you need to spend big bucks to experience the natural wonders of earth?

Hilo: Lava Adventure and Waterfall Swim

This experience from Paradise Helicopters offers an entirely new angle, with views of volcano, tropical rainforest, and waterfalls, but with a twist! In addition to the flight, there is also an on-ground waterfall tour, where a locally made lunch is offered with a swim or kayak beneath a 120 foot private waterfall. The touchdown takes place at a tropical fruit farm, a nice, delicate rest after an adventurous and exciting helicopter ride!

Paradise Helicopters: Doors-off Lava & Rainforests Adventure

Paradise Helicopters also offers a Doors-off Lava and Rainforest Adventure that can satisfy your itch for volcanoes, rainforests, and waterfalls in one 45 minute ride! On this adventure, you’ll get to see the gorgeous heights of Wai‘ānuenue, also known as Rainbow Falls. Rainbow Falls is named for the colorful rainbows you can see in its early morning mist! After flying over Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, you’ll be able to cool down over Rainbow Falls and take in all of its beauty! If you book this tour through Tropical Helicopters, you can save $65 per seat! Don’t wait. Lock this island adventure into your schedule today!

Hawaii Circle Island Experience

On Tropical Helicopter’s Hawaii Circle Island Experience, you’ll see not one, not two, but numerous waterfalls all over Hawaii’s main island! This helicopter tour circles around the Big Island, which is home to 10 out of the world’s 13 climate zones! Your experienced pilot will take you to see the majestic Kohala Mountains. There, you’ll get up to see towering waterfalls and cliff faces you’ll never forget. You can pocket $60 a seat if you book this tour today!

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