Top Hawaiian Beaches to see from a Helicopter

Top Hawaiian Beaches to see from a Helicopter

Top Hawaiian Beaches to see from a Helicopter

Top Hawaiian Beaches to see from a Helicopter

Heading to Hawaii? Here are the top Hawaiian beaches to see from the air!

Waikiki beach, Oahu

Probably the most famous beach on the Hawaiian islands, Waikiki has been the heart of Honolulu since the first resort went up on its white sand in 1901. The aerial view of resorts and tourists covering the 2-mile stretch of the beach is not a site you want to miss. On our Ko Olina helicopter tour, you will see not only Waikiki Beach, but the stunning Diamond Head Crater that rests at the end of the beach.

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North Shore, Oahu

Known for the surfing competitions and dangerous waves, the North shore is a must see from the air. Its tumultuous and rocky coast is must-see from the air, the dark blue waters turning white as they hit the beach. While the waves aren’t as intense during the summer season (May-September), they are a stunning sight to see from above year-round. Our Ko Olina Resort Tour takes you around the entirety of the Oahu island, and allows you to see the tumultuous North Shore from the air.

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Punalu’u Beach, Hawaii

Because of the volcanic activity on the “Big Island,” there are multi-colored beaches, including ones with black, green and white sand. Punalu’u beach is known for its black sands and green sea turtles. Though you probably won’t be able to spot a sea turtle from the air, the black sand beaches of Punalu’u are an amazing contrast to the green of the island and the clear blue of the ocean.

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Lanikai, Oahu

Lanikai or “heavenly sea,” is known to be one of the best beaches in the world. Located on the windward side of Oahu, this beach is fairy small (only half of a mile long), but has turquoise waters that are generally calm and clear. Though you should definitely take the opportunity to experience this beach on foot, the white sands and turquoise water are breathtaking from above. Our Ko Olina Resort Tour takes you on a full tour of the island; and this stunning beach is sure to stand out!

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Hanauma Bay, Oahu

Widely known as the best snorkeling location on Oahu, Hanauma Bay is as stunning from the air as it is from under the water. Declared a protected marine life conservation area in 1967, Hanauma Bay is home to beautiful coral structures and dozens of fish. Hanauma Bay’s unique horseshoe shape has given it the nickname the “curved bay,” giving it a distinct look from the window of a helicopter.

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