Experience Hawaii From Above With Volcano Helicopter Tours

Experience Hawaii From Above With Volcano Helicopter Tours

volcano helicopter tours

Volcano Helicopter Tours Let You See a Different Hawaii

What’s the best way to experience Hawaii? There are countless activities for you to check off while you’re here, but few compare to the adrenaline rush of Hawaiian volcano helicopter tours.

Take a helicopter ride over Hawaii for a unique way to experience paradise. From above, you’ll see gorgeous rainforests, waterfalls, and a horizon that goes on for miles. Even if you’ve seen it all before, taking it in from the sky is like seeing the landscape for the first time. Volcano helicopter tours are also an ideal option for visitors who would rather not hike through forests and lava formations on foot.

For an unbeatable scenic route, aerial tours are a must. You can board the chopper and fly 500 feet above active volcanoes, waterfalls, and colorful beaches. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s guaranteed fun for adventure-seekers. Seeing it all from above will differentiate your vacation for the rest of the crowds’.

Travelers from around the world come to Hawaii to take volcano helicopter tours. Here are some of our favorites that we’d recommend to hover above volcanoes!

Hawaii Circle Island Experience

circle islandThe Hawaii Circle Island Experience is a comprehensive tour of all five active volcanoes of Hawaii. It’s the only one of its kind and allows you to experience the full spectrum of Hawaii’s nature. The tour covers all 10 of the island’s climate zones, and its diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna.

The view from the top is breathtaking, and it’s a premium ride that takes place over 2 and a half hours. It covers everything that the island has to offer, including some of the most amazing natural sights you’ve seen. You’ll experience Kona, which is famous for its coffee, the Kohala mountains and 2,000-foot deep valleys. The tour also whizzes by numerous waterfalls, white, black, and green sand beaches, and rugged coastlines.

Of course, volcano helicopter tours wouldn’t be complete without a view of oozing lava, Mauna Loa (the world’s largest active volcano), and lava flow activity at Kilauea crater. You won’t have to compromise on which volcano to hike for the day, because the tour takes you straight over all five of the island’s volcanoes.

This helicopter ride is one of our most comprehensive tours, and you can save $60 per seat when you book this adventure. There are limited seats available, so sign up today!

Doors-off Lava & Rainforests Adventure

doors off helicopter tourOn this tour, you’ll spot one of the world’s most popular volcanoes, Kilauea. With the doors off of your Hughes 500 helicopter, you can feel the heat of the volcano from hundreds of feet in the air. Since Kilauea is an active volcano, you’ll see real lava pouring out from the live volcano’s surface.

This doors-off tour is a great way to experience the volcanoes of Hawaii. It has some breathtaking views of the island’s wildlife and vistas. The flight covers more of the region in 45 minutes than you could see in one full day by foot.

Along with the volcano, your tour guide will also point out Mauna Loa’s vistas and the plunging Wai‘ānuenue (known as Rainbow Falls). They’re some of the most beautiful natural spots on the island and will make your Hawaiian adventure that much more memorable.

To save $65 per seat on your next trip, sign up for this 45-minute tour around the island. We’re looking forward to showing you Hawaii from our eyes.