What Does Hawaii Look Like? 10 Stunningly Different Views

What Does Hawaii Look Like? 10 Stunningly Different Views


Aloha! Interested in learning more about what to do and where to go in Hawaii? You came to the right place!

Hawaii is known as one of the most popular tourist attractions all around the globe. A major tourism hub, the islands get approximately 9.3 million visitors annually. With so much to do and places to visit, it is normal to wonder where to start. There are many islands of Hawaii, each presenting its own type of breathtaking scenery. Why not see it all through an aerial bird’s eye view on a helicopter? Wondering what does Hawaii look like?

Tropical Helicopters is a Hawaiian helicopter tour company that offers aerial tours around the islands of Hawaii. This unique helicopter service is can be found in various regions of across the Island.

Why You Should Explore Hawaii Via Helicopter

  • Privacy: Experience an intimate private tour without the inconvenience of large crowds. You can chat and interact with the pilot directly to answer all of your questions about the island whenever you want!
  • Personalized Tours: There are various helicopter tour options catered for each island. You get to pick and choose! A major benefit is getting a custom experience of new sights on the island while skipping the ones that don’t interest you.
  • Amazing views:  What does Hawaii look like? Tropical Helicopters will give you a more intimate view by flying at a closer proximity to the site. A major benefit is more breathtaking photo opportunities. These tours offer a view that you cannot get anywhere else such as the world’s most dormant volcano to the world’s most active volcano.  

Views Through Different Helicopter Tours

Visitors are able to view Hawaii through a brand new perspective through each of the helicopter tours below.

O’ahu Helicopter Tour

A tour that allows you to see everything Oahu has to offer in a 60 minute flight time! Highlights of the sights in this tour include Diamond Head, Kaliuwa’a, Pearl Harbor, and Waikiki Beach.

Diamond Head: A United States National Monument, it was formed approximately 300,000 years ago from a single volcanic eruption.

(“Daimond Head Crater” by Eric Tessmer licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Diamond Head (West View): This crater is found on the island of Oahu and the picture is an aerial view taken above from the west side. Since the volcano is completely dormant, this is a location where hikers all rejoice.

(“Pearl Harbor Ships – James Brennan Molokai Hawaii” by James Brennan licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Pearl Harbor: A monumental part of United States history, this is one of the most popular attractions in Hawaii. This is a site that is simply too big to see by foot. An aerial view is your best option!

Ko Olina Resort Tour

This is the complete tour of Oahu island including the historic west side of Oahu. The tour offers aerial views of the Sacred Falls, Pearl Harbor, Waikīkī Beach among many other must-see sights of the island.

Ko Olina Resort: Hawaii is more than just jungles and volcanoes. There is an extreme metropolitan presence on the island. This is the famous Ko Olina Resort popular for its convenience near major tourist attraction.

what does hawaii look like: sacred falls

what does hawaii look like:: sacred falls

(“Sacred Falls Oahu, Hawaii” by Edmund Garman licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Sacred Falls: This is an 1100 ft waterfall located on Oahu Island with a swimming pool located at the base of the falls. That is about 1 ⅓ as tall as the Golden Gate Bridge! This famous waterfall is only accessible by air since it has been closed off to tourist visiting on land since the 1999 incident. The name “Sacred Falls” was given to this attraction because of the waterfall’s reputation being tied to the legend of the demigod Kamapua’a. 

Makapu'u Lighthouse Hawaii

(“Makapu’u Lighthouse Hawaii” by Eric Tessmer licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Makapu’u Lighthouse: Built in 1909, this iconic lighthouse sits on a 600-foot sea cliff surrounded by a scenic view of Makapuu Beach. Now a very popular hiking destination among tourist.

Kohala Coast Tour

The one and only doors off tour offered in Hawaii! Perfect for taking pictures of Kohala Valley.

what does hawaii look like: kohala

Kohala Coast: Hidden on the coast is a beautiful waterfall with scenic coastlines and many other tourist attractions. One of the most popular attractions of the island is the 2500’ waterfall and astounding cliff faces.

Kauna’oa Bay: This island is mostly known for its reputation of hosting upscale resorts with amazing golf courses. The island is also the birthplace of King Kamehameha who is well known for uniting all of the islands together. 

what does hawaii look like: Waimea Canyon

(“Waimea Canyon” by Makuahine Pa’i Ki’i licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Waimea Canyon: This is a state park in Hawaii that is ten miles long and 3000 feet deep. An aerial view on a helicopter is the preferred method by most tourist to discover this canyon to its full extent.

What does Hawaii look like?

There are so many opportunities for adventure in Hawaii so it is okay to feel overwhelmed with all of the experiences offered on the islands. So do yourself a solid and check out the affordable helicopter tours through Tropical Helicopters.  New discount tours are always available on the website.

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