What Is a Doors Off Helicopter Tour? 

What Is a Doors Off Helicopter Tour? 

what is a doors off helicopter tour

You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve heard of the concept. But, you’re still not sure you know the answer to the question, what is a doors off helicopter tour? 

If you’ve been asking yourself, what is a doors off helicopter tour?, here’s everything you need to know.

What Is a Doors Off Helicopter Tour?

A doors off helicopter tour is a fun-filled ride in a helicopter that has no doors. That’s right. No doors! Though it my sound scary, doors off helicopter tours are safe. Taking a doors off helicopter tour is like taking a drive in a convertible with the top down! Same ride, but more fun!

Why Fly With The Doors Off?

Flying with the doors off of the helicopter gives you the chance to feel the wind and truly connect to the nature and environment around you. You’ll feel one with nature feeling the rustling breeze as you fly, a different feeling than being in a helicopter with closed doors.

Doors off helicopter tours also allow you to get great pictures. You won’t have to worry about taking pictures of the views from behind a glass door. You’ll be able to capture the moment freely, showcasing the true, pure beauty of the landscape below you.

Are Doors Off Helicopter Tours Safe?

Doors Off Helicopter tours are safe for the whole family. You will be strapped securely into the helicopter. The crew and pilots will make sure everything is in tip top shape before takeoff and you’ll never feel like you’re falling out of the helicopter!

Best Doors Off Helicopter Tours in Hawaii

If you’re looking for the best doors off helicopter tours, Tropical Helicopters has the perfect adventure for you! We offer Paradise Helicopters’ Doors-Off Lava and Rainforest Adventure at an incredible price! On this fun-filled tour, you’ll fly over Kilauea Volcano, one of the most active volcanos in the world. Kilauea has been erupting continuously for more than 30 years and you’ll be able to see lava flowing from its open vents.

You’ll be able to feel the heat seeping from Kilauea from our Hughes 500 helicopter! But, that’s not the only helicopter you’ll see! Your friendly, professional pilot will fly over Mauna Loa too! Then, you’ll cruise over to see Rainbow Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Hawaii’s big island. Rainbow Falls is absolutely breathtaking and you may be able to see the rainbows reflecting off of the early morning mist when the sun hits the water. Next, you’ll fly over the tropical rainforests of Puna, a lush district on the east side of the Big Island.

Sounds like a grand time right? It is! And, it gets better. Book your tour today and you can save $65 per seat. Yes, per seat. Sign up for our incredible doors off helicopter tour today! Your adventure awaits.