What is the Most Current Activity of Kilauea Volcano?

What is the Most Current Activity of Kilauea Volcano?

the most current activity of kilauea volcano

Located in the Big Island’s Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the Kilauea Volcano is one of the Aloha State’s most popular and most active volcanoes. Although formed hundreds of thousands of years ago, Kilauea is actually one of the youngest volcanoes on the Hawaiian Islands. This volcano has an impressive elevation of over 4,000 feet and a prominence of about 50 feet. Scientists have observed eruptions at Kilauea since at least the 1820s and many native Hawaiians believe it has been erupting long before then. From 1983 till today, Kilauea has been continuously erupting on its eastern side (officially called the Pu’u ‘O’o vent). So, what is the most current activity of Kilauea volcano?

Disaster In 2018: The Lower Puna Eruption

Kilauea’s most destructive eruption, known as the Lower Puna Eruption, started in the spring of 2018. Most geologists believe the Lower Puna Eruption began in early May when a massive earthquake struck the western district of Puna. This earthquake created numerous fissures that started pouring lava throughout the region.

From May through August, lava from the Lower Puna Eruption engulfed almost 14 acres of land forcing numerous evacuations in the region. At least 700 houses were destroyed and areas like Green Lake, Vacationland Hawaii, and Kapoho Bay were engulfed in lava. Amazingly, this eruption is said to have created at least 875 acres of new land.

Is Kilauea Volcano Still Dangerous? What is the Most Current Activity of Kilauea Volcano?Kilauea

Thankfully, the Lower Puna Eruption has calmed down considerably in recent months. The latest reports from the National Park Service say the activity in Kilauea has remained low since September. Members of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) also note that gas emissions from Kilauea are at their lowest levels in decades.

Despite this good news, local volcano experts are keeping a close eye on Kilauea just to be safe. Officially, Kilauea remains under a Yellow Advisory from the HVO.

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