What Nationality Visits Hawaii the Most?

What Nationality Visits Hawaii the Most?

what nationality visits hawaii the most

Unlike other states in the United States, tourism is the most profitable industry in Hawaii, followed by defense and agriculture. Over 200,000 jobs rely heavily on tourism, although it’s difficult to measure exactly how many industries are impacted directly by visitors. Moreover, about 9 million people visited the state in 2017 alone.

You might wonder to yourself, “What nationality visits Hawaii the most?”According to the most recent visitor statistics, the nationalities of those who visit Hawaii the most are from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, New Zealand and Japan. Why these countries specifically?

who visits hawaii

1. United States

This one may be a no-brainer, as Hawaii lies within the United States! Hawaii is the tenth most visited state in the US. It is a well-known fact that the US mostly depends on domestic tourism. California and other West Coast states dominate when it comes to number of visits. For those only a half-ocean away, Hawaii makes for the perfect retreat. When searching for a perfect destination for a tropical retreat, it’s easier to save the hassle of international travel. 

2. Japan

However, US residents aren’t the only ones giving Hawaii its reputation as a tourist mecca. Looking past Hawaii towards the other side of the Pacific Ocean lies the next contender. Although the number of Japanese tourists decreased in the last decade, about a million Japanese people still visit Hawaii every year. Hawaii has a reputation as a paradise island in Japan, and this perception was established long before the World War II.

The Japanese Travel Bureau has been advertising Hawaii for decades as a top travel destination. Tourists from Japan are so significant to the Hawaiians that they receive a special treatment when they get there. For example, they can get the foods from home and spend a week in Hawaii without having to use a word of English. Of course, it probably helps that Japanese-Americans are one of the islands’ largest ethnic groups.

3. Canada

Still just a flight or two away from the Pacific islands, Canadians also have access to regular flights to Hawaii. Some Hawaiian tourism websites market their destinations specifically to Canadians with a friendly message: “As Hawaii loves Canadians, Canadians love Hawaii”.

4. Australia

Australian residents came to love Hawaii in recent years, and they can now book flights from five largest cities. Hawaiian airlines also offer weekly return trips to Australians, available in Sydney and Brisbane. The rise in Australian visitors may also be due in part to the region’s Hawaiian Tourism bureau’s marketing efforts.

5. New Zealand

Hawaii and New Zealand are fairly similar, given the fact that both countries are groups of islands isolated from nearby continents. However, New Zealanders still love to choose Hawaii for their holidays, because it has a much warmer climate and a more tropical feel. New Zealand also shares Australia’s influence of directly targeted marketing tactics, which have weighed residents’ preferences and travel patterns.

Air New Zealand actually offers affordable trips from Auckland to Hawaii every day of the week. 

6. United Kingdom

The next leaders for Hawaiian travel may come as a bit of a shock, as they are located a world away in Europe. Large travel agencies from the UK offer a great number of all-inclusive trips to Hawaii. They have deals both for those searching for a luxury retreat and those who want a journey packed with adventures.

7. Germany

Germany, on the other hand, had a large historical presence in Hawaii due to agricultural interests and shipping. When Captain Cook first made Hawaii known to the West, there were several German sailors aboard the ship. In fact, descendants of German immigrants still live there. Apart from this historical tie, Germans famously love to travel internationally and are one of the top spending countries for international travel.

8. France

Similarly to the US, France also largely depends on domestic tourism. Even so, approximately 10% of French tourists go to the US on their holidays, with a large number of them staying in Hawaii. Air France organizes regular flights to Hawaii and markets it as one of the top overseas destinations for the French people.

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