What To Do In Hawaii For A Week

What To Do In Hawaii For A Week

What To Do In Hawaii For A Week

What To Do In Hawaii For A Week

There are many amazing sites to see and activities to do in Hawaii! If you’re heading to the islands for a week, here are some fun activities you don’t want to miss out on.

Helicopter Tour

Get a gorgeous view of the Hawaiian landscape with a ride from Tropical Helicopters! See the lush vegetation and sparkling waters from a bird’s eye view. It will be an unforgettable experience witnessing the beauty of Hawaii from the sky.


Seeing the ocean from afar is one thing, but diving in and swimming with the life is another. Snorkeling is a very popular tourist activity in Hawaii, and what better way to experience Hawaii than interacting with the wildlife up close?

Whale watching

The warm waters surrounding Hawaiian shores are whales’ favorite spot, and why not watch them in all their grace and beauty? While humpback whales stay around the islands for their own personal vacation, venture out on a boat and watch them glide through the crystal waters.


A luau may seem a little overdone for some tourists, but it is a cultural celebration you do not want to miss. It is a privilege to witness and be part of a traditional Hawaiian luau, and it is important they are not seen as “kitschy,” and should be deeply respected. Typically filled with great food, fantastic dances, and rich cultural tradition, you cannot miss out on this!


Hawaii is known for its physical landscape, and even more so for its stunning hikes. Difficulty of the hikes are a wide range, with some hikes being easier than others. For amateurs, you could head to family-friendly Kuliouou Ridge Trail. For a more arduous walk, masters might hike Windward Ridge Loop. Regardless of skill level, there is a hike for you in Hawaii!


Ziplining in Hawaii is an experience like no other. Fly through the treetops of Kualoa’s Jurassic Valley Zipline, a 2.5 mile adventure with fascinating suspension bridges. Or, zipline at night with Coral Crater Ziplines, the ziplines ranging from 600-900 feet. Take some risk, and try ziplining the next time you’re in Hawaii!


The beaches in Hawaii are a MUST go-to. Why not view Waikiki Beach on Oahu, where Hawaiian royalty used to parade? Or for a more private view, go to Kauna‘oa Beach on the Big Island, a crescent-shaped beach that is limited to only 25 people every day. If you’re looking to surf, head to North Shore on Oahu for some wild waves, where surfing competitions are held every year.

No matter what you do in Hawaii, you are sure to have a blast. With so many different things to do, how could you not? Schedule your tour with Tropical Helicopter today!

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