What to do in Hawaii for Honeymoon

What to do in Hawaii for Honeymoon

what to do in hawaii for honeymoon

Hawaii is notoriously one of the most romantic getaways on Earth. With lush greenery and gorgeous beaches, it’s no wonder that many couples choose this series of islands for their honeymoon! A honeymoon is a fabulous opportunity to really bond with your significant other, and experience ethereal and otherworldly moments you may not have known otherwise. To ensure the greatest Hawaiian honeymoon experience, we have compiled a list of What To Do In Hawaii For Honeymoon!

Journey on a Private Helicopter Tour

What is more beautiful than witnessing the beautiful Hawaiian landscape from a flight through the air? Here at Tropical Helicopters, we offer several different packages that allow you to have the experience of a lifetime. You can view the serene Kaliuwa‘a (Sacred Falls), with are accessible only by air, or the historical site of Pearl Harbor. This is a must-do activity for your upcoming honeymoon! Book your tour with Tropical Helicopters today!

Watch the Haleakala Sunrise

Haleakala is known for being home to Maui’s highest peak. Haleakala translates into “house of the sun,” and is known for being where the demigod Maui lassoed the sun to allow humans more time to grow food. The spot is such a gorgeous destination for witnessing the sunset! Reservations are now required for each vehicle entering the park from 3AM-7AM. Few things are more romantic than watching the sunrise over Maui, and waking up with the world and the love of your life by your side.

Experience an Authentic Luau

Luaus are tremendously popular throughout Hawaii and other parts of the world, and your honeymoon experience is not complete without one! According to a poll conducted in Hawaii Magazine, Old Lahaina Luau was awarded Best Luau in Hawaii. This particular luau is the best of the best, seating 496 guests seven nights a week. It features authentic indigenous cuisine, and dances from four Pacific Island nations: Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, and Tonga.

Stargaze at Mauna Kea

Witness the stars in the night sky 9,200 feet above! Drive your car to the stargazing program, which begins at 6:00PM with a showing of documentary about Mauna Kea, First Light, that tells about the history of the mountain. Once it gets dark, guides will use laser pointers to point out objects late at night. The view is absolutely stunning, and is sure to be an experience you remember with your partner for the rest of your lives!
What are you waiting for? There are so many beautiful activities and sights to see in Hawaii for your honeymoon. Don’t wait–book with Tropical Helicopters today!