What to Do in Hawaii in the Winter

What to Do in Hawaii in the Winter

what to do in hawaii in the winter

We usually think of visiting tropical destinations during the summer since it might seem like the ideal season to do so. However, there are many benefits of planning a trip to Hawaii during the off-season, even during the coldest of months. During this time, there will be fewer tourists, shorter lines at the popular attractions, and even lower rates. Furthermore, you can take in the tropical environment in ideal weather conditions since the average temperature in the winter is 78 degrees.
Wondering what to do in Hawaii in the winter? Aside from enjoying a sunny day at the beach and sipping tropical drinks all day, Hawaii has plenty of exciting activities to take part in during the winter.

1. Whale Watching From The Makapuu Lighthouse Trail

The warm waters of Hawaii are desirable for tourists and whales alike. While visiting the Makapuu Lighthouse in Oahu, you might be able to get a glimpse of humpback whales throughout the year, but they mostly frequent the shores between January and March for their annual migration. By hiking the lighthouse trail, you’ll not only have a beautiful view of Waimanalo beach, but you’ll also have a closer view of the whales at 500 feet above the ground. The 30-minute trail is paved, making it suitable for all ages.

2. Enjoy The Honolulu City Lights Electric Light Parade

Enjoy the Christmas festivities without the blazing cold weather during the Electric Light Parade at Honolulu Hale. The parade includes a large outdoor Christmas tree, cheerful school bands, ornate floats, and delicious food. On the first Saturday in December, the mayor gets things rolling by lighting O’ahu’s Christmas tree. We highly suggest taking a trolley to the event for a scenic view of the city.

3. Snowboard on The Big Island

Yes, you read that right! While Hawaii’s climate is quite warm during the winter months, the temperature of the Mauna Kea Summit—the highest point in Hawaii—falls between 25 and 40 degrees. With that said, pack your gear to go snowboarding or skiing down the summit!

4. Experience Christmas in Polynesia.

The Polynesian Cultural Center, which operates year-round, has some exciting activities from Dec. 9th to the 22nd. During this period, you can go on a Christmas canoe ride, enjoy live performances, a scavenger hunt, a snowball fight and much more. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop by their famous luau!

5. Take a Doors Off Lava Helicopter Tour

If the mild winter temperatures aren’t warm enough, take a doors-off helicopter tour over the erupting Kīlauea Volcano! Tropical Helicopters offers the “hottest helicopter ride on Earth,” which aside from flying over the Kilauea Volcano, also flies over the breathtaking Wai‘ānuenue Falls and the Hilo rainforests.

Hawaii is undoubtedly fun any time, and winter is no exception. If you’re ready for a tropical winter adventure, start packing now! Come prepared to snowboard, tour the area, book a helicopter tour and much more.