What to Pack for Hawaii: The Ultimate Hawaii Packing List

What to Pack for Hawaii: The Ultimate Hawaii Packing List

what to pack for hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii may seem like a breeze because there is no need to bring along heavy coats or other cold-weather clothes. However, there are a few items that visitors want to make sure to not forget at home. When wondering what to pack for Hawaii, be sure to check out these five lifesavers:

Fun in the Sun: Don’t Forget the [reef safe] Sunscreen!

Number one on the list of items to pack for any journey to Hawaii needs to be sunscreen. Everyone can be susceptible to sunburn in Hawaii because of the abundant sunshine and proximity to the equator. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the power of the bright Hawaiian sun. 

If you’re planning on swimming with dolphins at a water park or swimming in a protected marine life conservation area, make sure to bring reef safe sunscreen. Hawaii has banned sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, which can harm coral reefs and could be harmful to animals.

There is ample sunscreen available for purchase once arriving in paradise, but it will definitely cost more.

You Can Never Bring Too Many Bathing Suits

Most visitors find that they will spend a lot of time in the water when vacationing in Hawaii. Who can resist the siren call of the sparkling waters and soft sandy beaches? Packing at least two bathing suits is recommended so that one can always be drying out.

It is also a good idea to stash one of the bathing suits in a carry-on in case the luggage gets delayed and you want to hit the beach right away.

Stay Hydrated: Bring a Refillable Water Bottle

Working up a thirst is common in Hawaii because of the wide availability of fun outdoor activities and the warm temperatures. Packing a refillable water bottle will save you both time and money and ensure that you always remain hydrated, especially if you’re planning on going on a hike or having a full day of activities.

Most resorts recognize the need for fresh water and will keep jugs of cool water in the lobby for guests to enjoy.

Waterproof Items for a Worry-free Adventure

You will want your phone with you at all times to be able to take pictures of the amazing scenery you will enjoy all day long. A waterproof phone case will ensure that your phone and camera will be protected while out by the pool or while exploring the beach. A waterproof dry bag is also an ideal way to keep your belongings protected throughout all of your adventures.

Sand-resistant Beach Blanket

This item will easily fit in any suitcase and will prove to be a lifesaver when relaxing on the beach. The special material enables the sand to easily shake off at the end of the day so it is not dragged back to the lodging accommodations. Some blankets come equipped with sand weights on the edges to keep it from blowing around with the breezy tradewinds.

Once you have what to pack for Hawaii all figured out, you’ll want to make sure that your itinerary is planned out so that you don’t miss out on any of the incredible experiences that Hawaii has to offer.

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